Sunday, February 26, 2012

500 press kits. Sociality Rocks 2012 in Moscow, part 2

The AeroExpress train brought us to the Belorusskiy Vokzal railway station. I noticed another pocket doggy there. :D

We had some adventures while looking for a taxi, but eventually a big bus took us and the luggage to Digital October. The building is a former candy factory by the way. ^__^
The Digital October logo is on the right ^_^
Since we had a lot of huge bags, we went up by a big "industrial" elevator. At first the centre worker couldn't close the door, and when we got to the 3rd floor - the door didn't want to open. XDD
Natasha pushed it harder and nearly fell out to the hall. We joked that this is the proper way to enter the conference - so that everyone would see you.

Yulia showed us around. I was fascinated about how modern the place looks. To be honest I didn't expect to see sth like that in Moscow.

Go to the restroom, you’ll like it – said our photographer Fedir as we settled at the local cafe for lunch.
Go to the restroom, LOL, at least to wash your hands – said our registration manager Julia to Vyacheslav the cameraman. He said he just washed hands in another room. T_T
Girls and boys, check the restroom out, it’s awesome! – I said having come out of there. :) ))
I think this surface has been designed to make people wet their pants before they reach the restroom. :D
Red glass being lit up over some deep pit. Feels as if you're walking on frozen jelly. :D
Our working time was to start on the 22nd, but we decided to help with packing about 500 press kits. I renewed my jewelry making skills when was attaching chains to flash drives.
Vyacheslav was fascinated by bare brick walls of the room. And so was I.

We joked that by morning we'll have made another wall, but of flash drives. All in all, it's just another flash drive in the wall... - I posted on Facebook.

Fedir came into the room looking at me and laughing. No wonder I got curious. He said that as I passed by a security worker who was talking on the phone, he suddenly said sth like "A girl here has a tee that says "Sex, ninja, rock-n roll!" and had a surprised face. LMAO )))
You'll probably wonder what the shirt is? It's a band tee Kostya from Monolit gave me. :D The sexy saying is their motto.

Packing 500 press kits has been perfectly organized by Julia. A yo-yo toy, a magnet, paper 1, paper 2, a pen, a notebook, a lighter, a flash drive - collect it and put it in a bag someone is holding. We finished it by evening and sleep became our common dream. The plans of meeting friends in the evening have been postponed until my next visit. Yulia and Taras were having a meeting, and 5 other people headed to the apartment Natasha rented to spend the night at, and to get ready for the upcoming event. :)

We wanted to catch a taxi right in the street. But the road we came out at wasn't a busy one. Eventually a car stopped near us. The driver didn't mind giving a lift to 2 cute girls, but the sight of 3 more people with numerous suspicious bags didn't promise him any guarantee of safety. He picked up Julia and Natasha and drove them to the apartment, while Vyacheslav, Fedir and I were trying to catch one more taxi. After a few fails we decided to walk to a busier road, and...eventually made our way "home" on foot. Having seen one of the most famous temples of Moscow:
There was already spring weather, and I walked with my coat undone. Still I got a bit cold by the time we reached the apartment, and the guys insisted on my staying in. While they continued exploring the territory - a shop was their next destination. Julia made up a list of food we needed, and the guys were sent out to hunt for it. :)) I honestly said that I'm a bad cook but still can help. Having received the answer that not bothering is sometimes the best help, I ran to explore the shower. Thank you kind apartment owners who even left a hairdryer, some shampoo and shower gel there. <3 Though I didn't feel like risking with my freshly dyed hair.))
And here's the room I stayed in - with a huge TV and the wi-fi router!
This is what got a lot of hugs that night
One of my crucial rules has been broken during this trip. And later the other two. Some of my friends might remember that I'd never let any man (unless he's a relative or a pet) see me eating, sleeping or doing makeup.

FAIL. I got all makeup off in the shower and appeared with a bare face, just with lenses, because I have a strong fear of wearing glasses when other people can see me. (while I find glasses on other people more than attractive)
Tired, curious, over-impressed and somehow electrified are the keywords to describe my condition at the time of dinner.

Eat and then sleep - this is the proper order, right? Wrong. Vyacheslav and I still had some work after that. He made coffee and we set  to altering the storyline adjusting it with the questions I was to ask. Some serious business stuff and some LOL-questions. A few jokes I'd kill for. :D Coffee. No, this question is too unclear. This one...let's leave it for later. An idea! What if...? Of course we will ask Yulia and Taras before it's posted... 
I felt sorry for torturing Vyacheslav the cameraman, he was nearly falling asleep. I wasn't drowsy physically, but my brain was about to show me a blue screen of death.

Moscow has a 2-hours time difference with Kyiv. My phone is set to detecting time zones and changing time automatically, but it failed. As a result we got "Orchidee the Journalist: Lost in Time". XD I guess it was close to morning when went to sleep. I ordered the alarm clock to scream "Achtung, achtung, Alarm!" in 2 hours - wanted to get up earlier not to miss any part of makeup.
I've been seen both eating, sleeping, without makeup and applying makeup in the morning. Everyone has survived and I'm happy about it. 

Part 3 is already being written, stay tuned! ^___^

I'd also like to remind that you can find even more posts at my new blog I update more since I can easily post from mobile there. :)


  1. XD that entry makes me guess it was a very interesting and funny time over there!

    1. Yeah, I loved the trip!!! The post in another blog has just been updated with 2 pics, one more on its way!!