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The Apocalypse. Sociality Rocks 2012 impressions, part 3.

Achtung, Achtung, Alarm! - said the telephone from under the pillow 2 hours after I turned off. I jumped up. No one was moving anywhere. I went back to bed and slept a bit more. As I heard some motion in the girls' room, I crawled to the kitchen.

Drowsy and cute Julia was already there. She made coffee, then the guys got up, I had a shower and started makeup while drinking my coffee. I was to be in front of the camera more than once, that is - full makeup with lashes and lenses was a must. It was one of the biggest fear that something in it will go wrong. And it did. The eyeshadow brush simply broke, I had to use the old one and finish the shadow with fingers. Thanks God it turned out not too bad, and I even managed to put the lashes on from the 1st attempt.
I have matches in my eyes to keep them open :D Mobile self-shot, how arrogant of me!

A taxi, sleepy talks, the building of Digital October. Everything was already looking beautiful ready for the event.
The timetable of the conference on some screen right WITHIN the wall @__@
Vyacheslav and I were to start working at 10 as the registration starts, but again we decided to help. Where else would I remember childhood and sit under a table? :D I was crawling under the reception desk trying to form the press kit bags into a neat pile under the table.
Julia and Natasha: getting ready to rock

Received my cute arrogant badge. :)) I am revealing my real name now, but better don't call me with it unless you're my coworker or boss. I don't really like this name if among friends or in another informal hangout.

Waking up in the "relaxing room" - the one where we gathered or just fell down to have a short rest. I was sitting on the sofa revising my questions as Taras was practicing his greeting speech...

"The conference founder is like a fitness coach" - will be written later at some Facebook IT page.
Yulia is the blonde girl on the left. Guess who is the "fitness coach" guy in the blue shirt? :D
Vyacheslav suggested having a coffee at the coffee-break part of the hall. I finally started feeling hungry and agreed. Not to forget I have the questions on the iPad, eyesight, please let me see people's badges clearly, memory, please keep images of the speakers I need to catch...

The fun started at 10.
Yulia goes on managing the event, Julia is setting her mood to start registration
 Some smart people came there even a bit earlier to avoid traffic jams.

By the way, traffic jams in Moscow are epic - you can easily spend several hours in one, and it's a common thing, especially in the morning. The last time we were in Moscow by car my aunt managed to do several kinds of activities while stuck on the road: she ate a breakfast, made some calls, read a newspaper, painted her nails and chatted with us. :D

Julia and Natasha weren't alone behind the registration desk. Digital October gave them 2 helpers who impressed our girls greatly. As everything was over they said they've been fascinated with how helpful, polite and hard-working those young people are. I was lucky to talk to them in the end and once more made sure that gentlemen still exist in this world.

The 1st stand-up. I'm stressed as f**k, my fear of the camera is slowly awakening. Vyacheslav tells me to relax, and eventually we made it. I was more than lucky to have the best cameraman in the world - I seriously say I've never worked with such a supportive and nice person. It was also his presence there that made me feel more comfortable and less stressed. I think there's some kind of people who make you feel secure just by staying nearby. I'm honored to have worked with him. :)
Prowlers ^__^
Picking people for some funny questions. It's no good to scare them with business topics in the very beginning of the conference when they're still drowsy and maybe confused. Right?

A young man with loudspeakers on his backpack. Interesting... And he is wearing awesome platform shoes! He takes the coat off exposing industrial-goth-style trousers. The general image looks like my Facebook friend Felix - I guess this is what made me sure I should talk to that man. We catch him, I begin  the questions attack that goes well in the beginning, but eventually the guy gets lost and I decide not to torture him.

A serious-looking guy with a stylish beard. I say hi and suggest entertaining him while he's in line to get his badge. He agrees but it's already his turn to register, so we wait for a while.

Experience of the evening: serious-looking people usually have awesome sense of humor and give the best answers to LOL-questions.

A tall curly-haired man with a bright flower tattoo on his neck, bright clothes and panda-faced shoes. "It must be someone from the Crazy Panda company" - Vyacheslav suggested as I was about to say the same. Mental connection? ^^

No, he wasn't from Crazy Panda, but also reacted nicely to my questions about what game character they would bring to the conference and why.

That's him! I can't miss an opportunity to talk to that one! - I said almost dropping my circle lenses out of the eyes from excitement. :D
My victim was Andrey Popovich, the game designer who was also giving a lecture. I've been curious about game designers' work for a long time, and had a lot of questions made up especially for this participant. He turned out to be a cute person with witty replies and a sweet smile. :) As far as I remember, here I asked both LOL-questions and something about his work.
Proof pic ;)
There was a huge TV on a wall. The schedule of Sociality Rocks events was being displayed, but something went wrong and a woman from Digital October was trying to fix it. Vyacheslav smiled and said he has a splendid idea - and was right.
"A woman is tuning up a TV set, and a man is just watching... Where the hell is the world going?" - I said into the camera almost from the 1st time. When Yulia, the co-founder, saw it, she smiled. A good sign. ;) Can't help mentioning that her smile has also been something that made me feel confident all the time. =)

One more developer said that he would take Mickey Mouse to the conference with him. Why? He said that because Mickey is fat, funny, and has big ears. The guy himself looked A LOT like Mickey Mouse. :D Yeah, Vyacheslav and I instantly made up a nickname for him. :P

Did you know there are instant people? Yeah, like coffee. Those who dissolve as soon as you notice them. There were many of them at Sociality Rocks - as soon as I noticed someone, he disappeared from my view within a few seconds. Another bit of trouble was caused by the badges that sometimes turned round, and the name wasn't seen. By the middle part of the conference I was shameless enough to come to a person, say hi, grab the badge, give it a stare, smile and say that I wasn't mistaken by thinking it's *insert name here*. :))
Mr. Sutton Trout from Viximo giving me a comment on aliens.
The man from the pic above, Sutton Trout, was enjoying a coffee near the window. Vyacheslav asked if he was on the schedule, adding that he just smiled at me. I looked up - he really did, and I couldn't resist a smile like that. American people have some special kind of wittiness, and when they start laughing I can't help doing the same.

One of the guys I had to interview, a representative of a research company, was at first hanging out with another company's speaker who was also to become my victim, and I thought it might be cool to get them together. Though it was impolite to intrude into their conversation. I thought they might be about to make some business deal, so mentally wished them to make a successful one and decided to wait.
Have YOU finished your coffee? Yes you, in front of the screen somewhere there! :D
As they parted, the one I needed seemed to have been glued to a cup of coffee. :D I still found it ill-mannered to distract him from that - I'm also into long coffee-breaks. I survived until the moment when he wasn't holding anything! Ran to him and asked for an interview adding that I'll just call the cameraman. Finally, one more interview done!
11! - I posted at FB. ??? - mum commented. Later she told me she had guessed it right that it was the number of interviews I've done. 12! - I commented back.

The goal was talking to as many speakers as possible. I managed to catch about 15, and some more of those off my plan. I don't even remember how many hours of video we made.

Yulia called us to the cafe to have lunch.  Taras and I instantly buried our eyes in the iPads reading people's posts about Sociality Rocks. Having come home I proudly noticed that I've been mentioned in someone's Twitter with the conference's hashtag.

Exhaustion was gone by noon. I can survive for long without sleep if something interesting is going on around me, and here EVERYTHING was like that. Everything was new for me, people were nice and the information has been something I could only guess about before.

Alisa Chumachenko from Game Insight was the star of Sociality Rocks Moscow. Her emotionally told story about the price you'll have to pay to get to top positions was probably the most discussed thing both right there and online. I noticed her at once - a tender black-haired girl whose style I imaginarily called "elegant punk". It's been a pleasure to talk to her, I loved the sincere manner of talking about serious things. And she liked my outfit!  <3
Hell yeah, I used to be lucky in meeting awesome men in games in my spiderweb-covered past... And this is quite possible, a game is a thing to give people an interest in common, - proved Yaroslav Sergeiev from Mamba, one of the biggest Russian dating services.
Yay, I'm not extremely tall anymore!
The reverse side of the coin was there too. If you're reporting, you have no time to land in the lecture hall and listen carefully. I appeared in that room every now and then, but mostly to check who of my potential victims is there. But in the end, when Vyacheslav was taking some videos of the event in general, I managed to jump in and hear a part of the discussion between professionals from different countries. Unfortunately I was so tired that couldn't consume any information.
The discussion part
This was the last thing on the schedule of Sociality Rocks. We started to pack things since our next destination was the airport. It made me a bit sad that such an awesome day ended that fast. Why are classes endless and conferences end that fast? Not fair!

I felt attention getting shut down and eyelids getting heavier... It was already evening and the Sandman came without being called.
Glass eyes
Shutdown and shut-up completed :D
Sleepy and happy. Impressed, with drafts of posts ideas and a full inside of an excellent mood. We headed to the airport for the trip home.
One more part will follow. ;)
Photos by Fedir Tarasov and from the Sociality Rocks page.
Don't forget that I'm gradually moving to where Bees don't care about me.

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