Monday, February 6, 2012

Cult Party : 1st attempt

As Adora practises makeup before going to bed I do a similar thing with outfits. I test new risky ones when go to my dance classes - having come there I'll obviously jump into a tutu and leggings (need to buy black lace ones - note to self) and no one would hate me for a bad look in case shit happens. :D
I've been a bad student today, skipped classes and only forced myself to go out to the dance school. Being totally un-goth. Pink is the color of today. The shade I call "the color of cat skin". =^_^=

Unfortunately I only have the cellphone and ipad today. Hope I'll make better photos of the whole outfit tomorrow - it has passed the test and is going to be the one for bank and university tomorrow.
 The sweater has been given to me by aunt - we often exchange clothes with her. The sleeves are a bit too short for me, maybe I'll crochet some lace to attach to them. I currently solve this issue with a pair of fake fur cuffs.

The pink beads necklace with a chain, barely seen in the pic, is also aunt's.

One of the last posts of 2011 was about shopping for crafting supplies - the locket is one of its results. See, it's not only for lolita and Victorian outfits.

An eternal cameo I wear with almost everything. Just couldn't resist it staring at me from the jewelry box.

I'll try to make a full outfit photo tomorrow, for now I can only say I matched a goth bottom with an un-goth top: the long black cotton skirt had been borrowed from my gothic wardrobe, and the shoes I luckily got in a usual shop are lolita/goth-like lace-up flat-heeled boots.

As for the hairstyle - the advantage of this style is that you don't necessarily have to style your hair perfectly, everyday up-do's are more than acceptable. What is more - wearing hair loose all the time damages it, especially in public transport in winter. I sticked to this idea:

Takes a few hair elastics and no pins. :D And also goes well with earmuffs.

The blue look coming up. ^__~


  1. This is lovely. I like the cameo brooch on the pink sweater; definitely something I'd wear.

    1. Thanks! I think a few cameos would also look nice, but it's my fave brooch, I need to make a few more. ^__^
      I've understood this style is more suitable for early spring though )))