Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Fear Faerie

I think that's who I'd be if I somehow managed to get myself into the Neopets reality. :D My physical self, I mean. I'd be their Fear Faerie, the guardian of those scared of their own shadows. :))

My friend and an awesome photographer Elena made my day a happy one - we had a shoot in the botanical garden! The indoors section has azaleas, orchids, porn-shaped cactuses and examples of HUGE ass-shaped seeds. XD What's even more surprising - everyone there was more than nice. Women of my Granny's age said they liked my makeup, asked what my name is (and here I was stupid enough to reveal the real one), kids smiled and stared, and some woman even asked if she can take a pic of me. Of course I let her. :) Holy paws, I'm not even used to such good attitudes!

 I had a chance to roll in the snow too!!! How I miss the Carpathians and those sweet vacations... Posing for the snow shot made me feel as if I'm there, too bad the snow got into my pockets and turned into wet water afterwards. :S

I lost my new rose-shaped ring when shaking snow out of my pockets, but... I think it was meant to be that way. I desperately needed that thing though - it turned out to be so appealing to me that  on my way from University I bought a new ring of the same design, and I'm happy they had my size. My glove size - since I mostly can't wear rings because of a non-existing size of bony fingers. XD
The Ring
I love those metal leaves
Wish me good luck tomorrow - I'm having an interview at a modeling agency. ^____^
 Not sure about the success though, since the way they found me isn't the one that leads usual girls like me to covers and catwalks. But at least that might be fun. Feel free to curse me with the dirtiest words you know tomorrow at 14:00 - it's a kind of Ukrainian superstition - to curse someone in your thoughts in order to support them in some responsible stuff. Cute, isn't it? )))

My preparations for the trip to Moscow for Sociality Rocks are in progress, I'm desperately making up questions and hate myself fr not writing them down as they come to my mind. They're in a form of liquid I guess. :D

I'm about to take my eyes out and curl up under blankets. Have sweet dreams if you're going to sleep, or a nice and impressive day if you're in action :)


  1. Lovely pictures! Reminds me of today I went for a hike up a mountain. The air was misty all around the forest trees. I saw someone in the middle of a photo shoot. They were doing a Japanese style shoot with the non la hat and long plain colored robe or gown. Anyways good wishes with the modeling :)

  2. OMG i LOVE your ring i LOVE your pics and as always, i lvoe you my darling angel!!! <3

    love Drake