Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting ready for Sociality Rocks 2012

I guess it's time to share it wih my readers, the preparations are now totally related to the upcoming event...

I'm going to the Sociality Rocks 2012 conference that will take place in Moscow on the 22nd of February. 
Going on exploring the new territory trying to use my journalist's skills there. My task is very much related to my latest professional experiences, but it's very different at the same time.

Making up questions for my victims. ^___~ I've only studied a half of the speakers' list, but already came up with tons of things to ask. That is - the hardest part of work is still there - I'll obviously need to reduce the number of questions. Of course curiosity is an essential feature in journalism, but it shouldn't be a noob's type of curiosity. Gonna research more to transform curiosity into its right type. ;)

Having a light tough nasty headache. T__T The thought of tomorrow's studying day makes me stressed and depressed, and I'm saving myself with...right, more work! Picking an inspirational movie for another related project... How about a few cute fake metalhead guys? :P

You know, it's so cold and slippery outside... I have work to do... The classes are not those with the Crazy Cat Lady (a 36-years-old teacher who looks as if she was 50-something, adores cats, is literally hysterical and selfish but - yeah, it's true - likes me for some reason; I don't wanna be like her if I survive to 36, but I also love cats!), that is - I can skip them. :D I'm a bad student, but at least honest in certain things: my studies are 98% a waste of time. Really worthy classes will never cause you trouble even if you skip. They hardl ever have attendance control, but students hardly ever skip them. Some, including me, ask bosses to let them go from work earlier so that we would be able to go to an awesome class, some people come to those lectures beingas sick as dogs, and we still come if it's the only class of the day and even the last one. But - these are a minority. The most are true bullshit, mindfucks and confidence killers. T__T No thanks, I don't need that before an important event.

But tomorrow's dance class won't be skipped. And maybe my friend Reiha will go with me! <3

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