Friday, February 24, 2012

Sociality Rocks. To Moscow. 1st flight ever.

 2 days in Moscow. About 15 planned interviews. Some more on-the-spot ones.

What would you do if you saw an unfriendly alien in the street? How do you make sure whether it's friendly or not?
"A woman is setting the TV while a man is just watching... Where the hell is the world going???"
How do you maintain a long life of a game?
What makes it viral?

"Get ready for having lots of fun!" - Yulia, the co-founder of Sociality Rocks. ^__^

A nice evening with my grandparents was kinda pre-party. We had tea, chatted and I was teaching Granny to use the iPad. I think I know what we can get her for her next b-day... ;)
Grandma :)

Grandpa closeup :)

Tea with nail polish :D
A 2-hours long nap. A coffee and an apple. As soon as I took the 1st bit and started emptying the cup the phone rang. The taxi was already down there, I jumped into my new coat, grabbed the bag, said goodbye to Granny who woke up together with me, and ran downstairs. 

Vyacheslav, the cameraman and video editor, didn't sleep at all. I was worrying about the 1st plane travel in my life, about asking the right questions, about not looking like my nap was also more of a formal one. 
Collected Yulya and Natasha, the girls responsible for registration at the conference, and then headed right to the Boryspil airport. Yulia and Taras, the founders of the event, caught up with us right there. 

The 1st one whom I noticed in the hall was... I guess you already know what kind of creature I mean. =^_^=
Probably the airport watchcat. ^^
O_O the sleepy me )
People both here and in Russia seem to have their English on a rather low level. Aren't pee rooms called "Restrooms" in English? And isn't the "toilet" the white thing people puke over when they get drunk? Anyway, the sign showing the way to those rooms says "Toilets" in both countries. There's also a "Disabled toilets" sign in Boryspil... It made me suspicious... did that mean there are badly working toilets in that room?
A blurry proofpic, sorry (:
Since it was my 1st business trip ever, and also the 1st plane flight in my life, I was like O_O all the time. Everything made me curious and a bit scared, though the latter was more of doing something wrong and looking awkward as a result. I was taking pics all the time. :)
The waiting room
During the passport controls I stared at everyone to understand what to do and how. Nothing too scary here, as a result I got the boarding pass.
LOL, Mrs.? When did I get married? Have I missed something?

Everyone had already passed the gate, but our photographer Fedya got stuck for some reason. He joined us later with a smile. He forgot he had...petrol. The liquid used for recharging lighters. Taras joked that he'd have better taken some TNT, why bother with just gas? XD

It was curious to find out the airport doesn't connect to the plane directly. After all checks we went out on the other side where a bus was waiting to bring us to the airfield. 

Early morning, gloomy and foggy weather. A huge field with many airplanes. It was either snowing or raining lightly, and my sleepiness made everything look somehow like... like in the "Zombie Girl" music video. (watched it a few minutes before writing the post and made up this comparison idea :D ) Didn't have time to take a pic. T_T 
Walking up steep stairs, entering the plane, saying hello to their staff who kindly showed me the way to the seat. 

I should mention that the hosts and hostesses are breathtakingly beautiful and handsome. Later mum told me that a certain look is necessary for them to get the job. Anyway I got some aesthetic pleasure just watching those people. The whole trip was full of eye-candy, and it's another reason why I tried to capture as much as possible and can't wait for Sunday when Vyacheslav and I will be putting the video together. Via Skype. :)

The plane got frozen, and we were informed that "de-icing" is being performed, or whatever that was called. I tried to memorize the funny word but might have failed. They explained that it's about washing the plane with some liquid. Water was running on the plane windows in intricate diagonal patterns later...

How is it when the takeoff happens? Will I vomit all my guts out? And will my eye surgery marks hurt because of pressure change? I guess those were these thoughts that made me sit with a face of a statue. Vyacheslav smiled at me and suggested calming down, and I tried to follow the advice. Later he reminded me of it several more times. :P Without any degree of lies I can say he's the cutest cameraman I've ever worked with. I've never been supported and cheered up this much. <3

Finally, the takeoff itself. I felt even less dizzy than when was spinning the cat on the office chair. (please DO NOT try)

The sighing captain was another LOL. He greeted the passengers via radio and for some reason sighed after each sentence. "The flight will take 1 hour and 20 minutes. *sigh* The temperature is 8 degrees below zero. *sigh*" and so on. It was even funnier when we landed and the captain was like "We've landed at the Sheremetyevo airport of Moscow... *sigh*" We LOLd together with Yulia and Taras.

I enjoyed the food that was served during the flight. Orange juice and a funny square sandwich with meat and cheese. Yummy! (yes, I find it's square shape funny )))

I couldn't sleep because of 15 mm lenses in the eyes, so I daydreamt, made up questions and thought out storyline versions, chatted with Yulia and Taras and planned blog posts. Forgot to mention that I blogged to my new journal all the time, and might move there soon since it's much better to post from mobile. Everyone is welcome of course :)

As we landed at Sheremetyevo and collected the luggage (also a funny thing to watch, the suitcases were riding on some moving surface, reminded me of YouTube vids with parrots on vinyl records) the trip to Moscow itself was ahead. The airport isn't in the city. 
The hall at Sheremetyevo
The connection between the plane and hall is different in Moscow - it's a rectangle metal passage that directly links the two places. 
It says "The bus to the electric train to Moscow", it's obviously a bus stop
 The curious thing about the bus was the price of 60 Russian rubles. It's about UAH 4 as far as I remember. A bit more than it's usually in Kyiv. But my perception is Ukrainian, and "60 items of some money" looks like "60 UAH" to me. 60 UAH is about $8. ))

The bus brought us to a modern railway station. To be honest I didn't know there's something like that in Russia, and it must have been the 1st thing that started to change my opinion that Russia is still on the Soviet stage. The tickets Taras got us were for a complete way, that is - there and back. As you touch some kind of scanning device, it opens a way to the station. I promise to add a photo soon. :)
UPD I keep my promise:

As we were waiting for our train, Vyacheslav suggested me sewing "an outfit like that" for Hrytsia, pointing at something behind me. I didn't leave that creature alone since then, and imagine how happy I was having seen it on the train just a few seats away from myself! Unfortunately there were people on the way and I didn't manage to make a closeup mobile shot.
Here's the creature:

There was free wi-fi on the train and we dived into it at once. I checked in at FB, some friends got confused about where I am. AeroExpress is the name of the train. :)

More posts and pics coming soon, I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard. )))


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