Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Contre Jour: for the ethergoths

The newsbreak of this post is that today the developer of my favorite iPad game won his 2nd important award at 8th IMGA Awards Ceremony in Barcelona. The previous thing was "iPad Game of the Year" award from Apple. :)

My fave game's called Contre Jour. It's been developed by Maxym Hryniv in the city of L'viv in the West of Ukraine. One more reason to be proud of. =) As far as I know that guy really did everything by himself. It took him about 7 months to create the game that turned out a success.

The impossibly cute character is called Petit - after the "Le Petit Prince" book the game is based on. One of my favorite stories. Sad and not depressive at the same time. 

While in most games you move the character through obstacles, here everything is vice versa. The dark surroundings and even the ground should be moved and altered to make Petit pass through them. I love it how he reacts to things, the emotions are simple and cute as... ^__^

There are 2 types of tentacles. No this is not anything hentai-related. :D The black ones stretch while the stripy ones don't. Use them to catch Petit and release him where you want him to be by poking the eye the tentacle stretches from. LOL)) Isn't this already awesome?
I also suggest poking the big eyeballs on the background. Even my Granny enjoyed doing that. :))

Found a nice video where all is being shown:

Of course I liked the cutesy dark mood of the game, though it seemed a bit hard to play at first. The reason is that I'm not an experienced gamer. :D The levels with spikes that make Petit explode turned out to be the hardest ones for me, but I passed them as soon as I understood how to use multitouch properly.

One more interesting feature is that there's nothing based on time, that it - you should never hurry. I think this makes the game perfect for melancholic people and ethergoths who are into dark, but not cruel or depressive things.Ok, for the ethergoths whose work requires doing things quickly. Better don't play Contre Jour in class - might make you too relaxed like it once happened to me. XD

Critics say that the game isn't anything original. That it resembles World of Goo, Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, and the music is very similar to Yann Tiersen's. Might be true. But I think Contre Jour has collected  all best features together within a gothic atmosphere that hasn't been in any game before. I mean - in this way. What is more, flowers on a dark background have been my fetish for years. =)

A cup of coffee, lights turned on and this thing on the iPad. An awesome idea for a cozy evening. LMAO I sound like an advertiser, but this time I'm not, I'm just a fan. I've already come up with a jewelry set idea... Hopefully coming soon. :)

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