Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feeling blue :)

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These Japanese styles must be perfect for family holidays. We have a tradition of hanging out at my grandparents’ place at the International Women’s Day – a perfect occasion for a special outfit, isn’t it?
My Granny got a laptop as a present from Grandpa and my cousin and now she’s on Facebook! But yesterday’s been a day of chatting, movies, candy and tea. =) And Anna’s citrus pie <3
Illya, my cousin, also found a great game for my iPad – you can take a pic of anyone and beat the shit out of them! It will be so cool to test it on a teacher’s photo tomorrow!!!
And cousin’s PSP device lets him project virtual animals on a special trap – looks as if they’re right on the floor or even on his lap! I spent about an hour watching cousin’s pet fighting a fat bear-like creature. ))
The call from Kostya, the Monolit band’s frontman, finished that awesome day. Just edited their pics that might soon be posted here. ^^
And here’s the outfit and makeup of yesterday, sorry for the stained bathroom shot. Hate them, but there hasn’t been any other way(((


  1. i feel i live behind the moon again. this year was the first year ive heard of an international women's day o.O

    nice hairdo!

  2. LOL it'a a crappy Soviet tradition here, but I like it as a chance to get attention and to have a great party with my grandparents :))

    Thanks))) a really fast one, did it while waiting for the taxi))