Friday, March 2, 2012

Fuck you! Die, die my darling! (c)

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Had been awake since 4 in the morning, work didn’t go well all day even though classes have been cancelled, the stupid security guy tore my handmade bag and mocked as I expressed my annoyance. The sound was fucked up, and I sadly discovered there’s not a single person I know at the event. In fact I was the only single there. Seemed that nothing could save my day…
But it didn’t happen the it’s been predicted – this is a very rough translation of a Ukrainian proverb used for cases when things totally change their direction. Like this one, of course. The Misfits!!! Live!!!
The funniest thing is that I listen to them mostly while working – I know names of a few songs, while the lyrics of most have been stuck somewhere in my head. They were already playing “Scream!” as I entered the hall.

Following Daniel’s advice (the long-haired friend from Sweden ^^) I found a quiet place away from the center of the room. Gradually I dared to start moving, even though my common dance to the Misfits is the one on the office chair. And not a single fuck was given about stares of people around.

I found a nice spot from where the band could be seen well. I also made sure that there have been very few real men – only those on stage. :) ) At first people weren’t too active, but as the show went on it became more and more dangerous to stay close to the stage.

A familiar beginning… “Helena”!!! My #1 fave by Misfits, and I jumped down the stairs having forgotten all my moving insecurity. Even more awesome live, and here’s where I discovered that Jerry, the frontman, has an impossibly cute smile. =)))
2 young boys came on stage with Jerry. They appeared several times, and took part in the show when the band’s  probably most famous song was being played. Ok, I’m saving this short story for later. :D
What a nice surprise for me it was to hear “Descending Angel”, one of the most-listened tracks of last week. Keep in mind that I got to know about the Misfits concert about 4 days ago. )) Whatever popular a song is, there’s no guarantee it will be performed at a certain gig.

Jerry had a killing jacket and awesome makeup.

Dez Cadena has been the gothiest one of all. Long hair, a long leather cloak and, as I noticed later, a perfectly whitened face and red eyeliner. <3 Reminded me of the fictional character of Death with a scythe, and if it exists in real life – I’d be happy to be taken out of it by such a lovely creature. ^__^

Captured this as he came off the stage and got surrounded by fans :)
Jerry asked what song we’d like to hear. “Die, die my darling” was the most popular version. But Mr. Only said no since it’s a Metallica song. (Though for me it’s forever associated with the Misfits) Eventually he gave up and said something I’m likely to quote for a rather long time: “Fuck you! Die, die my darling!” XD

I knew there’s gonna be true hell when it comes to autographs. As it usually is at concerts. This time I was alone and desperate. The sweet smile of Jerry made me feel more confident for some reason, and I decided to try to get my notebook signed.
Some people got their trousers signed :)
I feared getting my ribs cracked or simply being pushed on the floor, Ukrainian guys showed their worst side and didn’t mind whether there’s a girl nearby, or not, they didn’t look where they were running/heading/jumping etc. Some girls were the same, and I hardly prevented myself from saying the typical granny-style “but you’re a girl, you should be tender and polite!” phrase. To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t get out of there without an injury. Most of all I feared for my eyes – I might lose eyesight if I get hit on the head or fall badly. All these thoughts were soaring around my brains as I slowly proceeded closer to the stage taking pics of Jerry in the meantime.
I told you this man has an enchanting smile!
I managed to be one of the 1st ones to notice Dez and try to get his signature. A success!!!
Dez <3
I still needed Jerry’s signature. There was a huge crowd trying to come closer to him, and I moved as carefully as I could.
Some bastard threw a paper or something at Jerry, he called him an asshole and showed the finger:D It’s been surprisingly cute!!!!!! And I hope the impolite Ukrainian person has been punished afterwards. I hate it when people here are bad towards foreigners, and what is more – to foreigners like these.
Finally, a bit closer… No,  some guy pushed me away and I need to make my way again. Again and again. Jerry seemed to have noticed my attempts and took the notebook.  I stared at him in fascination as he was drawing something on the page. Being pushed away by another wave of the crowd I continued staring, and giving my notebook back he said “You’re beautiful!”. He seemed to be looking at me, but how could I be sure? Anyway I understood it the way I saw it, and my mood jumped up to the extreme. :) ))))
Look what Jerry Only has drawn in my notebook!!! <3
I did it! I heard them live that has been my dream for almost 2 years, I managed to get 2 autographs and a smile and kind words from the frontman himself!!! Maybe it was towards me, maybe not – we’ll probably never know for sure. But I will believe in what makes me happy. Ok? :) )
I know I sound like an excited teenage fan, but do I give a fuck about what people say? Not this time.
For my girls who read this blog,  here’s the outfit of the day:

If I cut off your arms and cut off your legs, would you still love me anyway? (c)
…everyone was already asleep when I came home with a huge smile on the face and 2 treasures in the notebook. A cup of tea, a kitty under the table and what I just heard live – in the earphones. I’m about to go on working on my translation, and the good mood will make work easier and faster.
Thank you Misfits guys. You made my night. :)

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