Saturday, March 17, 2012

The ICTV days

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Finally home enjoying a cup of green tea. It’s been a crazy week, both an awesome and a crappy one. Aside from personal failures and university issues – I’m now on the way to my dream of the last 9 years. If I pass the probation period, I’ll get my dream job of a journalist of the international news department.
The main sources are Reuters and people who go abroad and report from there, but I sometimes use SkyNews for urgent news updates. Though the site is believed to contain hypes sometimes. :) )
The pass card. Mine says “Guest” since I’m not officially employed yet. “Normal” ICTV people have those with their names and, as far as I remember, photos. Hope I’ll soon have one as well.
I come at about 15:00, look up for the schedule of the 18:45 programme – it’s a table with news items topics and names of journalists responsible for each. If I find something interesting that isn’t there, I can suggest it to the editor.
My work is to find the video in our folder, write the text, edit the video with a professional and hand it to the director. Of course the editors check my texts and then the anchor changes them according to his manner of reading. Unless it’s me who reads the voiceover. In this case I head to a scary tiny room with a microphone and a glass door – so that I could see the video editor giving me a sign when I should start.
My current goal is to show the boss, who is also the anchor, that I am able to work. So another boss suggested making a more complicated news piece involving voiceover reading and a byline, both spoken and written.
We have 2 newsrooms and a steep staircase between them. I ran up and down for about 5 times and then straight to the reading room. Stress added up to the shitty things happening. Whatever much I hate it when people use some “psychological trauma” statement to justify themselves, I’ll reveal that I have one that often bothers me. Gained it on the 2nd year of University. Each time it comes to voiceovers – I get stuck for a while.Thanks God this goes away as I practice.
The director found another girl in case I won’t be able to do that normally, but eventually he told me to practice and the editor put the news piece together.
The topic is also a very nice surprise: about rehabilitating paralysed people with videogames, particularly Microsoft Kinect technology – and it was one of curious things I heard about at Casual Connect. Also seen how it works IRL. Vlad, see? The gaming industry doesn’t let me go. ^^

Since the video isn't a YouTube one, here's a direct link to it at the ICTV site:
It’s awesome to work but it sucks to study. The degree work requires a lot of time, effort, stress and unpleasant communication. The damn Euro 2012 made our schedule tough and we ALREADY have the exams week. While I still have 1 week to go – I mean, to show that I can be a foreign affairs journalist at ICTV. Of course I won’t give up a dream of 9 years for the sake of some exams…
My boss Andrew let me have 3 days off. The 1st one is today, I just wish nasty university didn’t spoil everything. Still I had an awesome dance workout waiting for me in the evening. It defined today’s makeup:

Btw I took the pic at a sushi bar where had lunch before the workout. The following photo is for my friend Ihor who doesn’t believe that I eat. Have a look. I finished it all in about 10 minutes! Could have had much more, but I don’t eat too much before dance workouts. You’re a sports journalist, you know why! :D

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  1. Good luck! Your written English is superb, like a native. I don't see any issues with you communicating your thoughts. All the best!