Monday, March 26, 2012

My new boss, Mr. Omelette

I was chilling at my desk waiting for the editor to look through my text. A coworker walked in with a big white cage with a yellow bird in it, and put it on the desk behind me. ^__^
Having noticed my pinky-drooling glances on the pet she suggested putting the cage near me. Yay, the cutie is here!!! I was told that the canary lives there and is called Omelette. He watched me work, stared with his kawaii beady eyes and did his feathers becoming fluffy every now and then. He looked like a baby chicken))) So small, sweet and adorable! I thought I’d melt there. :) )
I can’t help being stupid when pets are around, I adore them more than anything. But still… I’m afraid to hold birds. XD


  1. most birds are spooky i feel XD

    but as a boss... i want to have a pet-boss too!