Sunday, March 11, 2012

My own boyfriend

These can be real, Japanese scientists made it possible by adding the color gene they don’t naturally have. But the synthesized ones would be expensive as f**k here in Ukraine. For mainstream and aesthetic purposes dye is the best way out.  :D
One day I received a bouquet of…4. Like for a funeral. My mother was shocked. The reason wasn’t anything truly goth – the one who gave them to me simply didn’t know about that. XD I still have those in a box. Dead. Dried. Hairsprayed. They hurt me. I want to burn them but will be able to do it if the impossible happens. Years pass, and it doesn’t happen…
I saw them on my way back from the Misfits concert. Couldn’t resist and bought one. I think you might have already guessed that I mean blue roses. It was very cold outside, and both the rose and me got frost-bitten by the time we got home. Now it’s also dead. I keep it.
I’m no great photographer, if you want to spit perfection poison all over here – the door is where my shoe flies.:)
For the non-judgmental people – enjoy! :)
Looks as if someone gave it an IV with blue dye. I wonder if a human would get the same color…
And so I was walking home from a concert, holding a cute blue rose in my hand. Some people in the subway stared at it and then at the almost makeupless me. LOL perfect people, I fooled them again! They thought I’m not alone. Isn’t it cool? :) What? It’s true anyway. I’m my own boyfriend, and it’s him who gave me that flower. =) See, people, even ugly ones can be taken and have roses just without reason. :D

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  1. lol great ^^ i would not be a good boyfriend for myself, were arguing too much.