Sunday, March 18, 2012

When strawberries meet goth

It’s been 16 degrees above zero here in Ukraine today. My favorite weather – when makeup stays on (if you don’t abuse fastfood, of course), there’s no need in gloves, you can wear rings, and the skin stays of the tone your BB cream gave it.
My friend Elena has just came home from Spain skipping a few days of classes. We met at her place and had a nice time chatting, watching pics and vids and discussing…yes, some guys as well. XD Not sure if there’s an English expression like this, but in Ukrainian discussing someone when they’re not around is called “washing someone’s bones”. :D
I chose a weird look for today.
I know the makeup is awful, but it's the best I could do today to conceal what my dear University tasks have given me as a consequence.
The black butterfly hairclip is on the other side, sorry. (
Sleepless nights have added some changes to the face, and the need to dye hair roots made it impossible to create a proper fully goth image. Elena asked what strawberries have to do with black butterflies. Here’s what: when the strawberries get rotten – black butterflies eat them.

Friends at University have asked me about long-lasting lips makeup I’ve worn for the last days. It’s more than simple.
The products I use: Tony Moly lip tint and Nivea cherry lipstick
I start doing this makeup at night – it’s true that I don’t sleep. Now you know that I spend nights doing my lips :D
To be serious, I just apply the tint before going to bed. I wake up with vampire-style lips that is also nice. :)
Add another coat of the tint when it comes to lips makeup. Wait until it’s dry and apply the lipstick over it.
The Nivea thing isn’t actually a lipstick, it’s more of a tinted lip balm. The real “cherry” color is both too strong for a light one and too light for a bold shade, I didn’t wear it much before. The tint gives a deeper color while the balm is for shine and protection from drying.
Not the best pic, but I hope you’ll get the general idea. This photo has been made just to show what the makeup looks like, but I suggest carefully applying the tint on the edges of lips.