Friday, April 20, 2012

About cool people

I will omit the personal fascination with some part of creating my degree work video… ^__^ All I can say is that I didn’t think people like that do exist in that gender. )
But there were even more nice people on my way these weeks. My degree work is about the department of psychology of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. I wasn’t excited about the topic at first, thinking I’ll have to deal with grumpy arrogant teachers and boring students’ life Eventually things turned in quite an opposite way.
Those at the psychology department, both teachers and students, turned out to be cheerful, open-minded and kind people. They were extremely helpful and willing to work together. Some teachers – no, this is not a mistake – teachers liked my goth outfits and were curious about them.
One young woman said an interesting thing: that the style doesn’tmake me look bad, but doesn’t correspond with who I really am. I said that I’m aimed on breaking the stereotype of unfriendly arrogant and critical-about-everything goths. That department was the place where I felt like being nice. :) And they were being nice to me.
At first I didn’t get on with the girls from the advertising department we were working with. They’re from the same place I study and we kinda shared the degree work. One of them pissed me off so much that I gave her an imaginary nickname that can roughly be translated as “Shitflower”. XD
Things went easier after I sent those girls to hell politely. Though everything totally sucked until…until the mysterious moment when mum’s colleague introduced her to a nice cameraman and video editor… ^_^ Yesterday we put all vids together…
And today in the morning I handed the vid to the head of the student’s parliament of the psychology department. They needed it for the open day, or whatever it’s called – an event to show future students who they are and what they can offer.  My intestines started shaking – the video piece isn’t perfect, and I didn’t want to betray the trust of the nice psychology people.
I was going out of the office when the phone rang. An unknown number. 093-something. “The Shitflower…” – I thought and started making up polite ways to send her to hell.
No, it was Olena, the cute teacher and coach from the psychology department!!! She loved the vid and thanked me with such warm and kind words that I nearly cried from joy. I would if I didn’t wear eyeliner today. ^^ Thanks have also been passed to all who helped me work on the work, so a few pleasant text messages are to be sent tomorrow.
The eyeliner makeup I've tried on today. Finally got how to do that gyaru shape: the top line should be directed downwards, unlike in most gothic styles that are more into "cat eye" shapes.
This teacher made my day. :) And then I went shopping. :D
Nail stickers - for the times when my nails will stop falling apart
Heart-shaped rivets ^__^
Bottom lashes

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