Thursday, April 26, 2012

OOTD: the look for despise

I’ve decided to stop trying to look good, at least for a while. My natural features are too bad to be turned into something socially acceptable. I should get used to the fact that I will never be liked in Ukraine, whatever I do.
I admit I’ve thought this outfit out for a meeting with a very nice person whom, as I see, I didn’t impress. LOL all male humans who pay attention to me are either mocking shitheads or those even weaker than me. May I start a country, name it Sparta and reign there? Please…

Eyes makeup and the hairstyle, if it can be called so.
I have a problem with my eye, so had to paint over that swollen eyelid part to hide everything.
I’m disappointed. I’m even more of a loser than I’ve thought before.


  1. I think you are beautiful, both inside and out.

    1. Thank you so much... <3
      I'm just upset today, the first Perfect Man I've seen IRL paid no attention to me, and it broke me down along with nasty comments from people in the streets. I have to admit that Ukrainians are rude and weak...I'm not the type of girl that is admired here as well.

    2. Perhaps while you were watching your Perfect Man, the person standing behind you was thinking about how you were his Perfect Girl...

      I understand how you feel. Some days other people's attitudes to a girl who is 'different' makes it hard to feel pretty. But I promise you that you're a beautiful person. :-)

  2. LOL I wish it was this way... But there's not a single one who would consider me The Perfect One. Maybe those much younger than me, but I'd never become a pedobear XD I just can't.
    The Perfect Man is a coworker and I doubted if he was being sincere, I've never seen guys like that - no drinking, no smoking, extreme politeness, sports workouts and intelligence... Awesome. But I'm too bad, unfortunately. I'm never the chosen one.

    Thank you sweetie... It always kills to see other girls being taken out and listening to guys telling me how weird and bad I am.

    Here in Ukraine being rude that has come from Russia is considered normal, and all men are fascinated by those who post nude pics all over the internets., LOL those sluts are getting everything forgiven, even if they're fat or completely used))

  3. I think you look absolutely gorgeous. :3 And your outfit is very cute!