Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ukrainians need glasses. Victoria IS beautiful. I said so,

Just got home from work, was looking through some sites and ran into a thing that made me inhale my nighttime coffee.
A site posted a shoot of Victoria Beckham for the Chinese edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. This photoshoot:
The comments are hilarious. All commenting people are Ukrainian, and the majority calls her ugly, anorexic, a horror movie and the never-smiling woman. The only more or less positive comment was that she looks ok for her age and as for a mother of 4. Holy shit, people, what’s wrong with you?
I find the pictures above beautiful. I like Victoria’s non-glamorous image and the look that isn’t over-photoshopped. Or at least that doesn’t look so. It’s not just because I like the early Spice Girls and have the 90s as a fetish. I just find her aesthetically pleasing, particularly in this shoot. And it makes me feel like “wtf” that so many people have an opposite opinion… Maybe there’s really something wrong with me?
Nowadays people like those like… Hayley Williams, Razor Candi and Lily Cole. I don’t know these women in person, so ONLY saying about their looks, since I have nothing else to base my opinion on. I don’t find them attractive and, to be honest, for all my life thought that girls like them are… *coughs* not very lucky with what God gave them as an appearance.
I have a beauty-perception crisis, I guess.
And I do like Victoria’s look. ^^


  1. Wow amazing blog! :) Victoria looks awesome on this cover! ;)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yeah, I like this freaky look of her :)