Sunday, May 13, 2012

Most remarkable event #5: 2 days with Monolit, the rock band

I can’t believe this happened for real. *__*
I’ve come up with an assumption of what it might have been.
I must have died and accidentally been sent to Heaven. As soon as those up there understood their mistake, they sent me back to life and Earth. :( (( Dear God, please kill me and send to that Heaven again, I’ve been a good girl when alive… well, sometimes. :) )))
My journey to the city of Shostka where the Monolit guys live started from a small panic attack because of a traffic jam on the way to the railway station. Then I couldn’t find the track since it was my 1st time of traveling by that kind of trains. Thanks God I managed just in time. 4 hours were ahead of me, and there was no better option than diving into earphones with…darkwave podcasts! I simply forgot to download some themed ones of classic rock music or something similar.
I couldn’t wait to get to the place. Frequent makeup checks and corrections due to hot weather – I wouldn’t forgive myself looking like crap next to guys like those I was going to hang out with.

Finally – arrival has been announced, the train stopped, and I anxiously looked into the window… instantly picking out a handsome young man in black! :) ) One of my dreams had come true – I was being met. ^__^
Getting off the train, hugs and a feeling of something totally impossible and dream-like occurring. Kostya said that it’s so unbelievable – me in Shostka…. I think that guy reads my thoughts. Because I thought the same – couldn’t believe Orchid the hikikomori did it.
I had my hand held. Those who know me are aware of what this means to me and what kind of effect it has. =^_^= *heARTbeat*
It took us a few minutes to walk to the guys’ cozy wooden house. I kept staring around since I’m always curious about new cities and the image the first impression creates.
I enjoyed being and feeling far away from the big city, and the calm streets of Shostka somehow resembled my half-hometown Yaremche or some other places where I had good times away from Kyiv.  A good start!
No angry stares from people – this might have been the surprising reason why I felt comfortable from the very beginning. Also because I was in such a nice company.  ^_^ Later Kostya said that the saleswomen of the shop we visited on the way must have got a fresh thing to discuss – some people still can’t believe that “the rock guy” – who is officially known as a positive example for young people – is really like that, and now he comes with a girl in black with several crosses and chains. XD Newsmakers. )))
Know what is always the 1st thing I spot in all new places? If it’s available, of course.
Think of my iPad cover. The white printed tee aunt gave me. My usual picspam on Facebook and the model of hometasks for photography classes on the 1st year of University.  A cat! The Monolit guys keep a cute long-haired teenage catgirl named Ryaba who didn’t resist when I took her. She greeted me with a wet kiss on the nose.
Ryaba the sweetheart
Wanna fairytale? Here!
In the not-so-faraway city of Shostka that belongs to the Sumy region of Ukraine there’s a romantic wooden house. It’s called the Monolit Sound Studio – and really is one. 3 handsome guys live there: Kostya the frontman and singer of the Monolit band, their bass guitarist, sound producer and designer Paul, and Vitya who is the band’s cameraman, photographer and sound supervisor.  And their cat, of course. (= Here’s where a tired hikikomori came over for 2 days to hang out and make an article for a Mexican ezine.
Paul came out of the room to say hi and give me a hug. ^___^ The guys had been editing a vid for the whole night, and were a bit drowsy – just like me after a night of… is it necessary to reveal that I was drawing all night before the trip? :D
Coffee and dinner, then watching the result of their night’s work. A perfect original cosplay of worldwide rock stars’ concert videos, what else can I say… ;) Though I noticed some flaws that turned out to be the same issue as I had in my degree work – it happens when you have to combine videos from different sources. I’m sure a person who doesn’t work with that wouldn’t ever notice. The cat came to sleep on my laps in the meantime, and didn’t meow a word when I shamelessly grabbed and cuddled her.

One of the rooms of the house is the Monolit Sound Studio itself. The guys mostly close it’s door when someone is practicing there – as they say, the sounds of their colleagues enhancing their skills is the one they hear most often, and it annoys them as f**k. For me it was something new, I enjoyed it and the everlasting motion – people were coming and going, Kostya was introducing us to each other as I matched their names and looks to the heroes of stories Kostya told me in earlier interviews about the band’s creation.
He also found an impressive bunch of old film pics of both Monolit and his earlier project, the Leader dance team and school – I had been watching them for several hours and have therefore witnessed all impressive style makeovers, variety of activities and killing physical abilities and skills of people I know. Hell yeah, I’ve seen something  few people have seen. *blushes proudly*
Paul was practicing guitar in the studio. Kostya left the editing room while I was still enjoying the pics. And then I heard more of “complete” music than practice tunes - Paul has apparently been joined by some drummer. “Strange…” – I thought. “I haven’t seen Serhiy, the band’s drummer, come to the place”.  I entered the studio and was greatly surprised – Kostya, who is officially Monolit’s singer,  was playing the drums. O_O And was doing it right. :) Practice gradually turned into a cute on-the-spot performance. Time to grab the camera and make pics more of those for inner use strictly. ^^
Vitya had already come home from work by that time. I made sure that Kostya was right when said the cat loves him too. It’s been bloody cute when she climbed up his trousers and tee, he picked her up and petted as she lay calmly on his shoulder, making the most angelic catface ever. =^-^=
Watching funny vids, thinking of seeing some movie… Yeah, of course! All of us gradually fell asleep due to different reasons of not sleeping on the night before
My damn phone rang in the middle of the night, as I thought. I forgot it in the editing room, and jumped out of bed to shut it up not to wake anybody. Mum was calling. She was asking where the hell I am, having thought I was going to come back on the same day. I could barely mumble that we’re sleeping, and then noticed it was 9 in the morning. It was raining outside and everything looked like late night. Another like. :)
I’ve slept unusually well even though I forgot my pills box at home – therefore didn’t take any sleeping meds. A pleasant surprise, taking into account the fact that I haven’t been able to fall asleep without pills for about a month by now. ^_^ Some music was playing in another room, and I enjoyed falling asleep to it too. I guess it created the mood that let me turn off so easily.
In the morning Kostya helped me to the kitchen since I barely see anything without lenses. A coffee, the cat, breakfast. “Don’t even think of feeding her” – said Kostya reading my thoughts as Ryaba the cuteness was hypnotising me with her begging eyes. This guy has learnt to read my thoughts within a day. :)
You used to think that being a rock star is all about gigs, parties and after-parties along with signing stuff and writing and recording new songs in a studio? Not really. At least not in this case. A great deal is replying to messages in social networks. LMAO some of inquiries were hilarious! Nevertheless, Kostya patiently replied to each. Of course with frequent LOLs that he shared with all of us in the room.
Believe it or not, the Monolit rock band has another curious feature. No drinking, no smoking and no drugs – just sports. Paul and Kostya turned on their fave music and did exercises outside as I watched them, took pics and couldn’t get how the hell real people can be able to do that.
Would you dare NOT to work hard under supervision this serious?
I wouldn’t. :D
Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the strongest of them all?
*heart failure of the journalist* XD
Living images from fitness magazines.
It’s awesome to discover new features of your friends. =)
Who needs Moons and Mushrooms if there are rock stars and flowers?
No they’re not fighting )))
Oh well… Their fascination with martial arts is obvious. Though I didn’t notice them practice those on each other. :D
Drool, girls, drool – join me =)
The revenge! ^^
“You’re doing it wrong – because I said so.” I loved it how they joke at each other while working out. :) )
No I didn’t forget to rotate the photo :)
2 biggest pleasures: watching handsome guys do sports and makeup. Here’s an eye candy for the 1st issue.
And then Ihor came over. I’ve hung out with this guy at several rock events where Monolit were performing, but didn’t know he’s from Shostka too. Ihor got a new motorbike and had spent many hours on his way to the town – he made the journey without a driving license and was lucky enough not to have met any police.
Of course Kostya was willing to have a ride. As he and Ihor were scaring people in the nearest street, Paul and I had an on-the spot photoshoot where the main thing were Ihor’s glasses. :D The same thing has been later performed with Kostya. Off the record, sorry. *_*
Everyone stared at me suggesting my time had come. I’ve never done that before, and also the image of my friend with fingers broken in a motorbike accident gradually arose in my mind. Eventually, after Ihor’s promise to be careful and not too fast…I agreed.  Scary at first, a little bit scary later, not scary, and finally cool. I enjoyed. Though I feared my lenses would fly out. XD It’s been  my very 1st motorbike ride, and both guys and myself agreed that it’s even more awesome that I had it there, in Shostka. The trip was getting more and more stuffed with exciting and warm happenings that are currently my drug-like memories that keep me alive.
The 2nd day I stayed with Monolit was the Victory Day here in Ukraine. Vitya had been hanging out in the city all day, and came home disappointed telling us about the celebrations having turned into a gathering of dumb drunk people and their kids. He joined us in the “video editing room” as we watched funny vids on the net, and then showed me a band that impressed him a lot. It’s called Over The Ocean – I’ve never heard them before due to the music restrictions I’ve had in 2006, and where I’m still getting out of. Paul opened my eyes on another band – The White Stripes, and particularly Jack White.  I was aware of who they are, but never paid too much attention – yep, I’m guilty in eternal attempts to be more goth than anything, often noticing too little of more worthy things… We watched their vids and discussed some more bands, then got to movies and my vids from different j-related events until Kostya came over, and we started the interview.
Don’t forget that one of my main purposes of the trip was writing an article for the Mutilador Ezine, and I needed some more recent info about Monolit. My very 1st interview with them is from about 2008 – it was then when I got all essential info that is for sure ancient by now. You know, they’re becoming cooler and cooler with each month. :D I won’t reveal the details – hope you’ll read them in June. At last I’m already working hard on the article that will have a format I’ve never worked in before – it’s being defined by the purpose, audience and the geographic issue.
I had the train at 5 in the morning. It was clear I wasn’t going to sleep on that day. What is more – Kostya promised me something special, and I couldn’t wait for it… ^___~
Everyone was gradually passing out. About 2 at night. I’m cuddling with the cat and thinking of the upcoming day at work… Kostya comes over and says he’s about to keep his promise. He sang me the songs that haven’t been released yet, and some of the already known and fave tracks from available albums, playing the guitar – that he hardly ever does on stage. Kostya made this small concert for me only – imagine how honored I feel!
A small room, 3 AM, both of us being a bit drowsy, and Kostya performing live and unplugged just for me. I have no words that could describe the intimate and somehow romantic moment. I felt like absorbing each second of this performance, without losing the tiniest bit of the memory-to-be. The idea of video recording has been killed at once since the camera would add a tint of formality and therefore kill the intimate atmosphere.
A song about love in a distance, and the other one as it’s continuation. The one about those blush-making moments and a demon. The main track of the upcoming album. The “Gentle Poison” hit from the latest single, “Win or Die” from the same one, and “I don’t believe these dreams” from their debut album “To live, not to exist”.  My way-to-class soundtrack of “Overcome fear” sounds even more enchanting live in a situation like I had. <3 <3 <3 
All gave me chills. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Kostya as a singer – particularly because he’s a friend of mine and a nice person in general. I adore my friends and there’s nothing bad about it. :)
So his voice in such a romantic atmosphere and situation, along with highly personalized lyrics (Kostya writes them himself and says all are based on something that impressed him) made me catch some kind of trance or even a drugged condition that I’m still in. Perhaps I’m a bad journalist – unable to find words to describe this. But maybe it’s been too personal to write all inner details? ^^  I’ve never experienced anything like that before. Sincerity and the  feeling of a sacred moment – probably just for me, a fetishist for feelings and special times in life I memorize forever.
Unfortunately no one cancelled work on Thursday. We had to end up at 4 in the morning, and Kostya got me to the railway station. To be honest, I could barely hold tears – I didn’t want to leave so much, these 2 days seemed like Paradise, especially after all stuff that is currently eating me here in Kyiv. The memories and still being high from Kostya’s personal concert for me kept me warm on the way back.
The Adora swirls on the face are a sign of my being happy – I can only make them when I’m like that. ^__^ I was a happy dead girl on the way back and later at work.
Got a coffee, poured it into myself on the way home. Did my hair, had 10 minutes of a nap (literally), then lenses and makeup, and headed to the office.
Should I tell you what has been in my head all the time I’ve stayed there trying to focus on the news? :P
P.S. Here’s their MySpace with a few tracks:

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