Saturday, May 5, 2012

Politics and more. Is attitude to women in Ukraine worsening drastically?

Ukrainian politics has turned into circus long ago, and there’s really nothing interesting to watch and analyse now. Everything is corrupt, openly dirty and violent and clear, yet it cannot be eliminated, at least in the nearby future.
Our ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko is now in jail. 7 years for “abuse of office” in 2009 when signing gas deals with Russia. She has severe health issues, particularly with her back, and there’s been a lot of controversy about her being able or not being able to stay in jail and not in hospital. A few days ago Tymoshenko claimed to have been beaten by prison guards who were taking her to hospital by force. Photos of the injuries have been leaked on the internet:
Yulia Tymoshenko showing her bruises.
Photo from

Bruises on her belly.
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I don’t and can’t know whether to believe her or not. All in all, she’s a politician even if an imprisoned one. But I doubt she would hit herself over something THAT badly, and then lie publicly in a tough situation like hers. What is more, she’s a strong woman, and lying about things like that doesn’t really look like her. If you’re curious, I’m not a supporter of her political direction and party. But I do think she’s much better than the government we have now.
Tymoshenko’s bruises have been the newsmaking issue for a while. The previous fuss, the one that happened before this, was caused by the case of brutal gang rape of an 18-years-old girl Oksana Makar who later died of an internal bleeding and severe burns. 3 bastards, as said – relatives of those who have power, met the girl at a bar in the city of Mykolayiv, then invited her to someone’s apartment where one of them fucked her, but she refused to do it with the rest. The bastards were trying to choke her and then wanted to burn the body. Oksana was found at a nearby building site. About 55% of her body was burnt down to the bone. The doctors had been struggling for her life for several weeks, but she passed away on the 29th of March.
Oksana Makar before the tragedy.
Photo from the site stated on it
Oksana after the tragedy…
Photo from the site stated on it.

A day after the bastards raped and tortured Oksana, another girl was beaten nearly to death by a man in the same city of Mykolayiv.
The 18-years-old Oleksandra Popova hasn’t been raped, but got beaten by a drunk young man. His wife is believed to be watching it all and have done nothing. This case hasn’t been discussed as much as the previous one, but the situation is also tough. The girl is still in the state of coma.
Oleksandra Popova before that awful thing happened.
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More or less current…
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Three cases. 3 female victims. One dead. One seriously injured. One with an unclear future totally in the merciless hands of rival politicians fought by the shaky hands of her allies and lawyers.
Yulia Tymoshenko is believed to have abused her office in 2009, Oksana Makar has been called a slut who looked for clients at that bar and had lived with an older man in her teen years, though not much is known about Oleksandra Popova. That is – all issues are highly controversial. What makes them a single, generalized outbreak of a serious social problem is that all 3 victims are women.
I still remember daycare where nurses taught boys never to hit girls. It’s been like this for ages in Europe – that men were by default not allowed to beat women, and if they did so – they gained social disapproval and despise. Well, mostly. What the hell is going on now?
A prison official punches a female prisoner on her belly. One of the most sensitive parts of a female body, btw. 3 bastards torture a girl because she refused to fuck with all of them. A male beats a girl for no obvious reason, just because. It all happened in Ukraine within a limited period of time.
Can’t help mentioning the weird advertising vid of an energy company in the Netherlands where they warn wives not to let their husbands go to Ukraine for the Euro 2012 soccer championship because there are lots of beautiful women here. It isn’t being shown as a positive feature. Obviously. Ukrainians = cunning whores. Not nice.
Atittude to women in Ukraine is drastically getting worse. While Ukraine is known as “the world’s bride basket”, men here treat women like shit, and often for no reason. If there’s one – it’s usually a woman’s refusal to obey. There are many families with violence occurring, though these things are not much reported and discussed – the Ukrainian sociaty is so-called “shame-based”, people care what neighbors will say and don’t like to show off their local personal problems.
It has come to the highest degree – women are being abused and mistreated openly. Some men are even proud of it, like one of Oksana’s rapists who admitted that he forced her to have sex with him. Something that is a shame even among prisoners is being exposed that way. I find it awful.
Coming to earlier cases I cannot help remembering the murder of Victoria Nersesyan and her mother Olga in 2008. Victoria was the sister of Maryna, the chief editor of the Sacratum alt magazine I worked for as a columnist and journalist. Victoria was killed by her ex-boyfriend who was pissed off by her decision not to date him anymore. This tragedy also involves a son of a government-related person.
Even though Ukrainian girls are known beauties around the world, here they’re too often being treated as property, dolls without a right for their own decision, and hitting or abusing a woman is gradually soaking among norms of the Ukrainian society.
The Kyiv Post newspaper first outlined the trend of worsening of attitude to women inside Ukraine after two cases in Mykolayiv. I agreed that it might be an alarming sign of a trend arising, but wasn’t quite sure about it. Thought both cases might have been a coincidence or a result of the girls’ behavior. But after Tymoshenko the politician claimed she’s been punched on the belly, and when I thought over the 2008 tragedy, I understood that this terrifying trend has been ripening for much longer than I used to believe, and that nowadays we might be going either through the peak point, or only coming to it. Scary.
This issue contains another one. How Ukrainian women position themselves. Sadly, many consider it normal to use their beauty for benefits, and often cross the line of moral without even thinking they’re doing it. Problems of upbringing, the “forbidden fruit” status of whorish behavior that might still be here with a noticeable post-soviet stench? I see this might be a separate post topic. :)
In brief, – Ukrainian women aren’t angels too. While some are really victims of circumstances and their status, many  find being foxy sluts a common thing. Men do support it, but develop a general attitude to women that is far from the one gentlemen have. Sometimes I feel sorry for men getting literally used and drained by beauties. Ok, this will really be a post someday. :D
Women’s self-positioning and men’s attitude towards women are issues that are getting more and more disturbing in Ukraine. A politician, a girl without a father, raised by a grandma, a student and a young writer and singer – these are just the most talked about girls who have been abused and even killed. Sadly, there are many more. And I would like to believe things can change or be changed. I just wonder how… Looks like our society is too fucked up, and no wonder why EU doesn’t need us. Were I the EU as a whole – I also wouldn’t like to have such a barbarian part.


  1. tough one :-( and what i also think is people everywhere seem to get more aggressive these days. or maybe i was blind before?

  2. A brilliant post on a sad issue. My Ukrainian Grandfather beat my Grandmother mercilessly until he stopped drinking Vodka. His alcoholism fueled the abuse. The society that ignores the heavy abuse of this inhibitor of rational thinking will deal with poor results.