Monday, June 4, 2012

Random outfits

Having graduated I’ve become even busier.  Gonna sign papers for my dream job tomorrow, working for 3 days with a day-off on Friday and Sunday, and also the freelance job of a ghost writer and personal assistant. The latest weeks involved several occasions for dressing up, and here are some pics with short comments.
Was going to University to sign a paper, as far as I remember. So an outfit this open was almost ok. :D
Lenses from
Tie the hair into 2 braids before you go to bed, preferably while the hair is still a bit wet.

I’ve finally defended my degree work, with a small scandal, but still having got 5 points out of 5. Granny and cousin – who, by the way,  finished his 6th year of school- decided to go out for a pizza, and I was into a light goth look due to weather conditions.
No lenses this time, I was sleepy. Well, just clear ones for vision correction.
The best places to get shoes like mine in this pic are… kids’ clothing shops.
The annual festival at the Institute of Journalism called “Journalists’ Spring” has been POOlitically stained this year. A POOlitician has been a sponsor of the whole event, and most people left the hall when he came up on the stage. He’s from an anti-Ukrainian Party of Regions, the one our current Ass of State belongs to, the party of tycoons and thieves. Nevertheless, the event was the degree work of two friends of mine, and an opportunity for mum and aunt to meet people they’ve studied with, and I decided to go. Dressed goth – I still try to prove that being on the dark side doesn’t cause brains leakage and doesn’t mean being a bad journalist.
The long sheer fabric skirt and Demonia Charade 05
The handmade bow barrette, already a bit fucked up by the wind)
The vintage bracelet I got from
Having come home I discovered a notice in the mailbox – something was waiting for me at the post office!!! I knew it’s a tee from 15 minutes were remaining before the closing time of the post office, so I changed clothes to something more comfortable and ran there.
Package in my head))
The same thing with the belt+cameo, whil the top is actually…underwear :D
I couldn’t help wearing my new Ventana Oscura tee , it defined the next day’s work outfit. The funniest thing was that I was to talk to the main boss about salary and official employment. She kindly asked me about being more “normal” at the office. Sucks. But I’m currently learning what corporate goth is. Obviously not this:
Makes me look fat >_<
Added sunglasses aunt gave me some time before :) We often exchange our clothes, we mostly have the same sizes. ))
A flower attached to a ring base. Simple as that. Got the rose at the gift packing parlor at a mall.

The gift from my friend Vlad <3
Last but not least, the latest outfit, not older than from yesterday. I was attending another gig of my friends, Monolit the rock band. At least 4 people said I’m the Statue of Liberty. XD Just a long black JSK, a warm bodysuit under it, my fave New Rock boots and a spiky choker clipped to the hair – that’s the headband. :P
There’s a Statue of LIberty in Ukraine too, and it looks like this.
Kostya, the frontman of the Monolit band <3 *rays of bloody love*

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  1. I love you in black so much coz you remind me of a gothic lolita no-nonsense doll yet I could also see sweetness oozing from inside. Do I even make sense here?