Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the first time in my life

It’s been the 1st time in all my I-will-not-tell-how-many years that I haven’t been in Yaremche on the day of this celebration.

The priest who looked like Freddie Mercury, lots of people with the smallest kids, honey and honeybees and the curious goth-interesting belief. ;) 

August 19th in Ukraine is a day when people honor the Transfiguration of Christ by holding the Apple Feast Day (sorry if I messed the names up, just trying to explain what’s all the event about).
Believers in Carpathian cities and villages make special braid-shaped pastry, put various fruit and vegetables in baskets that they decorate with flowers, and early in the morning go to church for a service and to get their baskets blessed by the priest. Like Easter, but in summer, at daytime and for a different reason. And with other types of food. :)
My aunt’s mother always makes holiday pastry for me, it’s been like this since I was about 5 years old. But since I’m in Kyiv…my mum decided to do it herself. I was sitting at work when she sent a pic of the result to my cellphone – and I could not think of economics, disasters, terrorists and extremists for the rest of the working day. :P
On August 19th mum and I went to the church we always attend on Easter. And did everything just as we do in Yaremche. It’s been nice and cheerful, even though we terribly missed all our numerous relatives and friends whom we always meet at the small church of the Yamna region of Yaremche. One day after the service we decided to go and look for mushrooms in the woods. I was dressed in while. )) And then remembered the Phrase my grandpa often says: “Now who the hell is the one who does it this way??? Only an idiot could do it THIS way!” XD Yeah, definitely. :)
I guess I’m off the topic again. *blushes*
And here are some Instagram pics from this year’s feast in Kyiv, at the cozy light church not far away from mum’s work.
Guess which basket is ours ^__^
Meet my mum Anna :)
And there’s a belief that the woman hurrying to leave the church as soon as possible after the service is a witch. I wonder who of those people is… ^^

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