Monday, September 17, 2012

2002 - 2012. Landed safely.

Tomorrow the ICTV news program "Fakty" (Facts), the one I work for, turns 12 years old.
This pic is from 2002 as far as I remember. My aunt who was already working at ICTV brought me to the newsroom for a kind of excursion. I had a severe crush on a newsreader who no longer works there, but is now a close friend of mine. :P
I wasn't lucky to meet him on that day, but was strongly impressed. There was a tradition of letting all kids have a pic at the anchor's place, and of course I couldn't resist.
I wanna work there! And I think I will, there's nothing extremely hard in it, is there? - I said back then.
Since then I often went daydreaming: that I will come there, at first they will teach me, and then I'll work just like all of those nice people do. And like my anchor crush does. *blush* (he is still one of my fave journalists even though he changed his job to a totally unrelated one).

It was 2011 when aunt asked Andrew, the head of the international department, if I could be an intern there. They agreed. Since then they started teaching me everything they do. Yes, it was also about forgetting all bullshit I've been told at university. XD
It's 2012 now. I'm finally the journalist of the international department. Just a beginner, totally unexperienced, with awful voicing skills and still scared of everything. The only thing I'm confident about is my English.
Anyway - I reached the destination I've set 10 years ago. I'm excited and curious about everything I can explore now. :)

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  1. I'm very happy for you darling! Dreams came true ;-)