Saturday, September 15, 2012

Astral 3 Festival in Kyiv

First of all, a short reminder that I mostly blog at, not here. I often go on mobile blogging, always on the run because of a few exciting jobs I'll tell you a bit later, and usually only have the iPad with me, and it's not very convenient for this site, the app is uncomfortable as hell. Still I x-post some things every now and then...

A few weeks ago I posted about looking for company for Astral 3 festival. I managed it via another blogging site, and after a week of cute email chats I understood that I’ve been lucky to have run into that guy. Smart, polite and uncommon, and who enjoys the same kinds of music that I do.
I worked an ICTV morning shift on that day, then had to finish my outfit, that is – didn’t sleep at all. We were a bit late, but it didn’t change a thing – there was a HUGE line to the “Bingo” club. Of course the security workers were rude in the best traditions of this place. My legs were already bleeding from the roses, and guess what? I liked it.
And then it started.

“The cutest” goes to the 1st band, I Am Waiting For You Last Summer from Russia. Listening to them at the moment btw.

To be honest, it’s rare to hear such awesome performers as the 1st ones at events. Nice surprise. They kinda set my mind to the dreamy mood, not just with the music, but also with the way the frontman thanked people for the warm welcome. I first thought they’re British or something, and was like O_O when he spoke fluent Russian.
A DJ and guitarists, such a weird combination. And the behavior on stage was more of people enjoying what they’re doing, not trying to impress others. The visual image gave me a lightly painful injection right in the heart – something resembled my crush on stage…but this feeling vanished very soon, thanks God. Because they’re much better. :)
That table. The one covered with a white cloth. Turned out a powerful mood-creating tool. Dead people are covered with a while sheet that way. Not scary, not depressive. Just that way. I was too out of this world to take a pic, and only woke up when a pack of long-haired men came on stage.

“The most visual ones” goes to…heroes of a haircare product advertisement. I mean the Alcest band from France. Their perfect hairstyles was probably the first thing everyone noticed. Later I read that it was this band many people were looking forward to seeing most of all.

These guys are a bit heavier than the others. I mean, if other bands were mostly of something ethereal, Alcest were more from the rock side, and I couldn’t help approving it. I intentionally did no research before the event, and it resulted in my trying to guess what language the frontman sings in. Once I even tought it was…Ukrainian. XD Now they’re also on my playlist.

And then I died.  ^___^

“The mindblowing ones” goes to Maybeshewill, the band I’ve had a crush on for the last few months after a friend posted their vid on my FB wall.

Holy flying paws, that’s been awesome! And then some guy jumped on the stage hugging each of the musicians, but the nasty guardians took him off there. In Another Life When Both Of Us Are Cats, they played this too, and I managed to record a tiny bit of the intro part, then my camera died.

Red Paper Lanterns, I’m In Awe, Amadeus – that’s what I remember, and the rest of my current playlist… They ended with Not For Want Of Trying, one of my fave songs, with the powerful quote. Now I’m gonna watch the “Network” movie. :)

“The drug-like ones” goes to 65daysofstatic, the last band to perform, and the soundtrack of my vacation of 2008. I’m sure you’ve heard their most famous song, Radio Protector.

Ihor, the guy I went with, liked them most of all calling the band the most professional one. As for me – seeing them live made me understand their music better. I mean, I liked them since about 2008, but couldn’t listen as a separate playlist. Now I do, I know what mood is inside their works, and it corresponds with the recent mindset of mine.
And then it was time for Radio Protector. And Retreat Retreat. And more songs whose names I will find out later as I listen to them again. I was hellishly tired by the end of the concert, and heard the music as if being on drugs – though can’t tell for sure since I’ve never used drugs. A state of weird trance and lack of sleep feels nice. Unless you are trying hard to stand on your feet. XD

For those who were curious about the last long track they played – I think it’s Tiger Girl!

That’s it, I grabbed Ihor’s hand to be able to get out of the club after everything was over. I feel sad now. And can’t wait for another time someone of the bands comes to Kyiv again. The effect of the event is not just an impression. I don’t know how to explain it. And I am aware that my words look shallow and hipster-ish.

This is my dangerous outfit of the day. Pic has been intentionally over-edited.
Imagine people’s eyes when they saw me poking the roses in the stockings right in the street flower shop! ^^ And the sales assistant was helping me, while an advertiser guy working nearby asked if I’m…a rock musician. LOL))

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