Thursday, November 29, 2012

Binders full of bastards

I feel honored, this post has been FB-shared by one of my friends whose opinion and respect I value above all. ^^

Many have been asking me about what the elections were like, I guess I can post that text here as well. What is curious is that it was a task for university, but Ukrainian people didn't really respect my naive point of view.

3 days of Casual Connect are over, and I already miss all those nice foreign people. The main topic was the industry of games, but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to discuss other stuff in the meantime. Including that at parties – here’s the explanation for the ridiculous male voice I have these days. XD
Of course I’ve been asked about the political situation here in Ukraine. And I corrected my friends and colleagues – speaking about Ukraine it’s more appropriate to say POOlitics.
The level of meme generation is so low this campain… Though this is one of the LOLs I managed to find. A female candidate with a scary voice… is just another shell of those in office now.
I was honest saying I don’t give a flying winged fairy fuck.
Anyway people SHOULD vote, I’m thinking and stating it this rude. All unused papers go to the bad guys called government now. Better spoil them yourself, ok?
Concerning the parties and personalities… Here is what we have: obvious evil (having no cookies), lots of chatterboxes and fakes and media freaks, along with some alt people. The latter are different, but at least there’s a choice that might work. Or not.
Those I’m gonna vote for, the nationalist party, are not perfect. I can even say their traditionalist beliefs piss me every now and then. But these guys are different, and as soon as they get in office, they’re 95% likely to review their statements making them closer to the Western values. For some reason I’m sure about it.
All in all, tomorrow’s elections are just a formal representation of people’s choice. It’s a door to ruling the country, and the majority of Ukrainians will let someone in. While the real future of the country (that is currently a CUNTry) is defined by how people behave and think – towards other people, themselves and their own thoughts.
One’s political preferences are the same thing as what they have in their trousers. Believe it or not, I have that too. It’s huge and strong and I’m proud of it and I use it. It partly defines who I am. But – my choice is not to shake it in front of a huge audience, I’m not excited by the idea of poking it into most people I meet, and I hardly ever use it to fight or to brag. All mentioned above has been said about political beliefs. What did you think about? :P
Asking a foreigner about who he’s gonna vote for is on the edge with intimate and offensive questions. Though asking close friends is usually ok. And I used this opportunity.
One evening I caught up with a friend of mine who was moderating the local debates of a republican and a democrat, both Americans living in Ukraine. And asked him who he’s gonna vote for. He replied that it’s definitely Obama. “But…but hasn’t he disappointed…” – I proceeded, suddenly being interrupted by my surprised friend. “Just don’t say you like Romney?” – he said looking surprised to the extreme.
While Romney captured people’s likes (OMG that Facebook slang is eating my brains!) after the 1st debate getting about 60% viewers to his side, they seem to keep in mind his preference for those who managed to keep a more-or-less stable and wealthy status in the current fucked-up environment, including politics and economics. Obama looked defensive and weak as Romney was showing his strength by kicking the opponent in his weaknesses and fails.
Though the same strategy didn’t work for Romney in the 2nd debate, that happened to take place on my grandpa’s b-day.
While the Republican guy still tried to emphasize on Obama’s fails, the latter was more confident and aggressive, also pointing out his opponent’s flaws, like the thing with his not revealing the details and methods of what he wants to implement. Romney had already seemed suspicious to the “47%”, and now the President pointed out even more gaps in the Republican’s plan – that can contain any kind of monster decisions.
Working on a press overview for the morning news at ICTV on the 16th of October  I ran into a curious news piece. It said that Romney might be the winner if he convinced the Americans they will have a stable future. I guess that is why the most confident debates member gets the majority of likes (except the moderator :D ) – despite all the stereotypes, Americans also fear for their future, and the state of their well-being is even worse that we can see from abroad. Like – it’s just news for us, while over there it’s a drastic change of what people have been used to. It’s natural that they want it back. They do not need total innovations that might be ok, for example, for Ukraine, they need stability or at least something they know – that is represented by Obama.
Pre-electoral rush is like a movie. The Ukrainian one is dramatic yet boring, it’s dirty, predictable and dumb. There are even no super-creative laughable ads, these are just dull. I prefer the American “Before-The-Elections” movie for more aesthetics, perfect knowledge of the national language, a relatively understandable plot and skilled actors that shit-paint tricky patterns over each other. While here in Ukraine they just throw buckets of crap at each other. And also the Ukrainian campaign hasn’t generated any powerful internet memes.
Tomorrow we’re gonna bring some new binders full of bastards to the governmental building. But still – there is a chance that normal people will get into there and gradually push out those we’ve already sick of.

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