Saturday, December 22, 2012

Old picture of the day: Orchid before jail

So many relatives running around me, flowers mum didn't let me poke saying I'll stain my new clothes that looked somehow weird.

A strange building nearby where they brought me being oh-so-happy and proud, with lots of other kids dressed in a similar way. I liked having my hair curled though...

Yes, my mum was wearing big glasses back then :)
They put the huge bag on me, and we left home. Dad was running around taking photos while aunt had a video camera they were asking me to smile and wave to. I was still smiling without really understanding what was going to happen.

Weird loud music, lots of other dressed-up, yet scared kids, that were to share the same destiny as me, not called Orchid at that time. I felt something suspicious approaching, this is the explanation of my "Tard the grumpy cat" face.
I was right. A woman brought us to a big room with a blackboard and went on talking boring us to death. Since that day we stayed locked up in that building, only being let go home after 14:00 for the rest of the day, on weekends and those big holidays.

They made us dress in a similar way! And wear no makeup. On the 9th year of our behind-the-desk imprisonment I became goth, and those grumpy homework-demanding adults started a long-term struggle with my makeup.

Finally, in 11 years, they set the old and ugly me free.
I'm serving my 2nd prison term now. In another building with more boring grown-ups. They let me dress goth but try to tell how to write and think. I'll be let out in about half a year. 

Maybe I killed some important people when was a baby, and now they think I'm even more dangerous and are keeping me there to prevent from having more fun? XD

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