Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who's gonna watch Home Alone tomorrow?

It was one of those rare mornings when I wanted to wake up. Orchid has been a hard-working (=good) girl and also a her-own-Santa this year, so with mum and dad we went to get my new laptop from the shop. getting used to the new OS which is totally different is challenging yet exciting.

And then a friend took me to the Museum of history of nature, or whatever the translation is. I discovered that the place and exhibitions now excite me just the same way they did a couple of years ago which might mean I haven't aged. Good. *Grumpy Cat's face should be here*

Dinosaurs had cute faces, did you know it? And it's sad to understand those toy-like animals exposed there are dead. LOL and a dead goat stared at me from behind the glass. ))) Also we saw a satanist-sign-like skull of an ancient species of goat, and argued whether all pictures feature the same breed or not.

And there was that awesome insect stand! HUGE ones and lots of butterflies too! I even took a pic when no one was watching:

As soon as I came home I kinda helped mum with holiday cookies using the cutter I bought a few weeks ago. Here they are, cats on cocaine! Sorry, I mean cocaine on cats :P

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