Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Nothing makes me happy, I only stay in bed trying to transcribe my interviews, doing it slowly to the extreme... Going out only makes me happy when it's with old friends, and even dumb movies don't make me laugh as hard as I used to in the past.

I admit that I'm still deeply upset about the conference in Germany I'm not attending... That was a chance to meet my Guardian Angel Vlad in real life, see Sebastian <3, Joris, Yoeri... And lots of other nice people I've met at previous events...

I think it's the different hangout that helps me get rid of my communication issues and fears, different people who are non-judgmental, who have interests, likes and nearly no skeletons in wardrobes. Or maybe kind ones that cannot do harm to other people. And they know English and can spell in several languages. :D

Ukrainian reality is different, it's eating me slowly turning into an apathetic aging bitch with grown hair roots and no makeup. With no thoughts and the only wish to kill people around. 

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  1. ...and it's winter, a very tough time to be in a dark mood. wishing you well.