Saturday, January 5, 2013

I need a conference

More than upset these days, I'm not going to Germany to attend the Casual Connect conference, I'm not seeing my friends who will also be there, and I won't meet my Guardian Angel Vlad in real life. :(

Nevertheless, I'm going on with interviewing-transcribing-writing for and looking for IT-related heroes for my news pieces at ICTV.
Pic from the internets :)

I decided to apply for a local conference that will take place in Ukraine, just in another city. As a journalist, as usual. But it turned out not that simple.

They have kinda 4 types of "media partnership", each has rules... Can't I be a journalist there even when I'm not experienced and don't work for some huge organization?

I hope I'm just scared by unknown conditions, anyway gonna call them on Tuesday.

Still, it's much easier to apply for huge international events than for a local one here in Ukraine. This is what the CUNTry we live in is about, total bureaucracy. Sadly, Ukrainian gamedev is unlikely to become a successful and internationally known standalone business if things go on this way. :(

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