Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lolita fashion as a programming language

Working on an interview with a Flash developer at the moment. He told me about how their hangout developed and gradually disappeared: first there were just those interested ones who only cared for fascinating and curious results with no one giving a f**k about rules, official programming language purposes and what the code looks like. Then professionals came over, those who studied programming at universities. They brought their understanding to Flash development, pushing excitement away with logics and practical approaches. And eventually the hangout was gone while the process turned into a rather boring thing to do.

The interview is to appear on, don't miss it! ;)

While processing the material I came up with the idea that it looks just like Lolita fashion: the first interested ones only cared for images to look nice, then those with more "knowledge and experience" appeared gradually making up the rules. As a result Lolita turned into a boring, demanding and catty hangout, while the rules themselves - just like those of professional programmers' - are neither good nor bad, but limit creativity a lot, therefore cutting development of new things and, which is more than possible - making the birth of something completely new, interesting and out-of-the-box completely impossible.

The pic below is just the random one I liked, it has the doll-like vibe and a slightly creepy mood - it would be called lolita in about 2007, but if now I posted a pic like this to a community... I'm afraid I'd end up drowned in sticky candy-colored designer-expensive verbal shit. :D

Pic taken from Tumblr

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