Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dumb babies! (c) Angelica Pickles

But I guess those I've met today don't even know who Angelica Pickles is, since she's from the 90's series of "Rugrats".
Angelica Pickles and one of her coolest quotes, pic from Tumblr
I'm taking dance classes again, joined a new group, and then it happened in the dressing room.

The usual get-to-know-everyone talk, I'm being asked where I work. The "ICTV" answer brings questions about what it's like to make the news and our anchormen and anchorwomen and my manner of speaking that, as people often say, reveals I work in broadcast media.

When I mentioned the popular "Alf" series of the 90's saying that it's been dubbed at our channel, one of two friends who were listening most attentively (one of them had HUGE boobs, kinda natural Lolo Ferrari) said that "we don't remember, we were born in 1993..." •facepalm•

Holy fuck, am I THAT old? Or do I look THAT old?
What is more, they used the official version of the vocative to refer to me. O_o

It's the 1st time being older stands out so much. :S

And a newest pic of me, the phorographer is my awesome and talented friend Khosro. The look reminds me of Manson and is a bit of mockery at the traditional perception of Lolita fashion from within it. :D I do look old in the photo.


  1. I was born is 1994 and I still remember all the shows you mentioned!

    1. No wonder, because it's classic :)) That's why I was shocked they don't know, even my cousin from 2000 knows those shows))
      But the formal way they referred to me totally killed the old moth-eaten office goth XDD