Monday, March 4, 2013

L'viv Gamedev Conference - the journey. Part 1

Since I didn't make it to Casual Connect in Hamburg this year, decided to take the local alternative and got a press pass to a gamedev event in the western Ukrainian city of L'viv. The one known for awesome coffee, chocolate, architecture and tons of urban legends.

Of course shit starts happening as soon as you're about to leave - my winter shoes broke and dad had to bring biker boots right to the railway station, the work day at the office turned into hell because of the Davos economic forum and 2 news pieces about it...

All in all I managed to get to the railway station even earlier than expected, met with dad at a fastfood cafe where we had dinner and also met a nice man from Pakistan who is married here in Ukraine and also noticed Ukrainian guys are bastards. XD

It was a rather late train, so I spent nearly all night working on a translation for a friend and transcribing another interview for Gamesauce, listening to music and playing some games. Petit from Contre Jour was going with me. (And he wasn't the only one of his kind... ;) )

I was staying at my cousin's place for these 4 days, and started from a sleeping session. :D The conference was on Saturday, so I needed to feel and look fresh, but... of course I didn't. Having skipped a great deal of my usual pre-conference makeup and hair routine and going critically out of my schedule I attached a small Petit-shaped pendant to a suede ribbon securing it with... a cameo on the back. I did forget my safety pins. As well as haircare and makeup removing stuff. 

It was one of the coldest days of the week - mum read that it's gonna be -25 degrees on the conference day. Cousin Andrew and his cute girlfriend Zoriana with whom we made friends instantly brought me to the Catholic University where the event was taking place. It was a bit of LOL to imagine programmers together with religious professionals, especially when several priests in gothy black robes passed by. :D

Got my badge and press kit among the first ones - we arrived even before official registration started. Nearly got a minor heart attack when realized I lost the Petit pendant - was so happy to find it under my sweater!

Honestly, I felt a bit scared. This was not CC, Sociality Rocks or FlashGAMM where I know most people. Some friends were to be here too, but you can never be sure, and I didn't believe in meeting new people - I still fear Ukrainians a little bit. So I Skype-chatted with my friends a bit - still got to tell them about the conference. :)

Things became easier when coffee and cookies were brought. "Time to crawl out of my laptop and meet new people"- I thought. Alexandra from Odesa from Opera Mobile looked so cute that I started talking to her at once, and then we were joined by Danylo and his friend who are still students but have great interest in making games. Danylo has one as his degree work and showed the 1st version to us on his phone. Reminded me of something my cousin Illya is addicted to on his PC... Might work if the guys manage this as a business project. 

I'm gonna make a post on each lecture - with much more LOLs and picspam. ;) Stay tuned!

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