Sunday, March 24, 2013

Уходи, февраль - Ukraine's biggest snowfall in the last 100 years

Everyone seems to be talking about this damn snowfall that has paralyzed Ukraine and particularly the capital since Saturday - exactly when I came back from my business trip.

Having arrived to L'viv I didn't realize the disaster had already started. Actually, I enjoyed a walk in nasty snow - to the nearest cafe, then to a shop, to the bus stop, coffee shop to get treats for relatives and the Special One, and eventually to the IT Pub. *blushes*

I know people don't like reading much these days, so better watch. ^^

It took a while to find the way out to the city
No. Opposite way.
I went out and was like - Holy shit, not again! 
People, including me, seemed not to understand this IS about to become a disaster...
Well, ok... Not spring, but still beautiful - I thought and said hi to the nasty snow that felt even worse on circle lenses.
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Finally! A cafe, breakfast, wi-fi, the Special One online and people running behind the glass - watched them like some TV show.

Architecture and landscape pics are awful, but I'd like to see you, Mr. Cool Photographer, trying to take a pic in frosty weather, without any tripod-like things, in the wind about to knock you down, without gloves on and with coldest wet snow falling. :D

And then I got to the IT Pub. And then to the gamedev master-class by Taras Tarasov. 
Back to Kyiv. This is where I understood it's a true disaster. Currently staying at aunt's place to be able to get to the office on Thursday. 

Out of my window last morning:

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