Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to hide light hair roots

The Japanese street fashion walk in Kyiv took part today, but due to all that crap my degree work puts me through, I didn't have time to dye hair roots, and am unlikely to have that done in the nearest future. :( So I remembered I had pastel chalk and decided to give it a try...

Doesn't look very nice in an iPad pic, but IRL that was better than ugly light roots sticking out from a coffee-black hairstyle. 

It's relatively easy to do hair that way: 2 pigtails made of just the top parts of hair (the rest stays loose), synthetic hair wrapped around the elastics holding those pigtails, and hair of the pigtails pinned over those fake hair buns to hide them. 

The flowers are not a single headdress, the idea is much more simple. Just don't tell those glamorous hipsters, ok? I want this to be our little fairygoth secret. ^___~

Go to the nearest store of home decorations and buy some branches/bushes of fake flowers and leaves that match your outfit pattern. Cut the flowers and flowerbuds off the branches, but with the stems, not just the heads. You'll need to stick those flowers into fake hair buns - pierce fake hair with the plastic stem, it will hold the adornment in place by tangling in that fake hair a bit. 

Since I'm much on the panic side and hate it when decorations move in my hair, I also secure those flowers with bobby pins by sticking them into buns over flowers stems. 

No, not got enough - I thought and added a spiky choker as a headband and a skull just because I'm goth. Oh well, now I have a grave on my head... 

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