Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Japanese Street Fashion Walk in Kyiv - PHOTOS

As I promised, here's a bigger post about the 1st Harajuku-style event like this in the Ukrainian capital.

Of course I overslept a bit. Of course I had a troublesome morning: dad didn't tell me that he took my reel of black wire to the garage. While I was planning to use that to pin flowers to the hairstyle from the previous post. >_<

Eventually I managed it all, my Prince was already waiting for me and we headed to the meeting place. It was windy outside. Good, I thought - my ass won't get baked in those PVC shorts. But my lashes got un-glued as we were walking.

A panic attack and my Prince's eternal knowledge what to do. <3 We found a makeup supplies shop and bought some kind of glue, the staff girls brought a mirror and... I never thought a man can be able to re-attach fake lashes. O_o Yes he did it perfectly. :D

If only I knew that all I would have to do at the office is the press overview. Even though it was Sunday, I was on duty to get some pieces ready for Monday's morning news. So we had as little as about 40 minutes of hanging out with the stylish company. I wish I emailed the overview to the office and stayed longer...

Anyway, here are the official photos taken by Black Mokona. She works as a freelance photographer, so if by any chance you're in Kyiv and are in need of good pictures - don't be shy and contact her either through her page - wwwww.vk.com/blackmokonaphoto or ask me and I'll tell her.

Pit stop:

This is when we joined them - got late because of my damn eyelash.

Separate looks go next, I'll try to mention names, but might not know someone's stage one, so sorry if I miss something. Might add links to people's pages later too, my MacBook just died, I don't have the charger at the office and have to use the iPad.

Mokona, the photographer and actually the girl who organized the event. And many more of these before. ^__^

Marika Rossa, one of the most known Ukrainian female DJs:


Angelina, a sketching artist in one of gamedev companies in Kyiv:

Juri from Ichigo Kissaten:

Kitsumi, also from Ichigo Kissaten, passionate traveler, and also my neighbor who is fluent in Japanese:

Karmilla, my girlfriend and gothsister. Her+I = double trouble for people around. :D


Tia from Ichigo Kissaten:

Berthy, a successful hipstergoth, one of the most mysterious and positively crazy girls I know, she's all about various kind of arts and has a nice ass. At the meetup she grabbed mine wrapped in PVC and I did the same to hers in those stylish leggings :P

Mizuki, one of two lolitas in the pack. While previous meetups were mostly about this kind of fashion, now each one in the hangout showed they can sport a great variety of looks and styles.


Mamoru, an old friend of mine, one of the brightest visual kei people at festivals. It's him I'm mostly hanging out with at Otobe in October.

Anoriko is into writing, publishing and gamedev. Always a chance go meet her at professional-themed events ^__^

Nadia, one more Lolita at the walk. Her outfit and mood set me to the vacation mood even more than before. ;)

Nami from Ichigo Kissaten. Blue eyes here are lenses, though her real color is even more stunning. ^^



And pics of my troubled look of the day. There should have been twice as many flowers as there were, and some more accessories. Will do my best next time.

Leather corset from a local fetish shop, shorts from Ebay.
Shirt: my aunt gave it to me, there's floral embroidery on the back and bottom hem.
Accesories: part handmade, part from Diva, some from Ebay, local kids' stuff shops and gift packing supplies. :D
Gloves and glasses: Accessorize (oops, I guess those were carnival accessories)
Shoes: got them new at the local second hand shop. A bit of good luck was with me on that day of shopping for "clothes for modifying".

Spiked headband: actually a choker. Holy shit, this is a gift from my ex. Doesn't feel like that though, so I'm ok with wearing it.
Sparkles on the forehead are clothing adornments from the nearest sewing supplies shop. I used eyelash glue to put them on the face. Careful while powdering the face if you do it - eyelash glue isn't of "superglue" strength. XD Well, mostly.

And the funny pic of the day: Mokona helped me go up the mountain on those heels, but coming down "to Earth" looked like a challenge... but my Prince was there to save me. :)

This wasn't the end of adventures. Imagine people's eyes when I came to a TV news office dressed like this... A colleague took a pic and posted it on Facebook. Positive comments, surprised comments and a few of those I don't know how to react to. Of course half of the office was talking about it on Monday. Sometimes Mondays aren't boring at all... :D

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