Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Facebook blocked :(

My Facebook pages, both official and personal, have been disabled today - someone said they're "fake". I emailed the team saying I am the real Orchidee Stachelig and that I need my account ASAP for business purposes, and that all pics posted are really those of me... No idea of how long this might take to solve. (

Among other news - I'm currently working my ass off at ICTV since 2 of our 4 evening shift people are on vacation, so just Yulya and I have remained. Today is my 7th day of work and I can't wait for a day off tomorrow. The situation would be easier if I didn't have the crapwork... I mean degree work. :D The deadline is on the 21st, and I currently have about 17 pages out of 70 necessary ones.

People on vacations and loads of work made us so busy and tired that... we totally forgot about the 1st "vanilla" date. On May 14 it was a month since my beloved prince Dima and I are officially together. Though we started hanging out long before... ^__^

He's the system engineer at ICTV and it often gives us an extra opportunity for a brief coffee date. Otherwise... I can't imagine how we would find time to meet as often as we want.

I still can't believe he's here in my life for real. I didn't believe someone like him would ever come my way. <3

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