Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy birthday! A new experience. :)

Today is not just the 1st day of summer. If it was so, I'd only be upset.

But I'm happier than ever, because my Prince Dmitry has his birthday today! And I have a wicked plan about it. :P The plan is sleeping peacefully in the cozy box near my bed... ;)

I think my wishes are something that can't be expressed with words. Sometimes I'm not even sure I'm not asleep and He exists IRL.

I still remember giving curious stares to the handsome long-haired system engineer at the office without even imagining that on the 14th of April I'll be dancing my ass off at the Extreme Programming Night party, and he will text me saying he loves me. I haven't been in a relationship since 2006 and don't remember what a loved one birthday is. Time to learn. ^^

I wish you to have all un-birthdays even better than actual birthdays! And let each day bring you something to make you feel like O_o WTF? - with it's later becoming some valuable yet funny discovery. ;)

I love you. <3

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