Saturday, June 29, 2013

University's given Orchid a paper! Orchid is free!

I'm officially out of prison. Here's the document:
I've officially graduated from University today. Finally! I can work as much as I want, I can attend events and teach English and study game designing and go back to my dance workouts! And I hate it when people say I'm "entering the tough adult life" and other bullshit of this kind. Hell no, I've just got rid of a huge useless time eater that my studies have been.

I was stressed and upset today. No new dress to wear, and I hate putting outfits together on the day of the event. Nevertheless, here is what I came up with for attending an asylum of glamour:
Dad, roses, me with the diploma and mum. My heels have been crazy today, I'm not THAT big IRL. :D

The rather boring ceremony looked like in pics below, the LOL happened away from cameras... ^__~
Holy flying paws, 5 years in boredom-jail to get a plastic thing stating I now hold a specialist's degree!
Dmitry captured my true attitude XD

But this wasn't the remarkable thing of today for me personally... A minute of soul-stripping comes in action now.
I've already undergone 2 "graduations": one was about leaving school, the other one happened last year - I got a bachelor's degree. Other girls were with their loved ones at these events. I wasn't. I still had that stupid dream about having a person I love at an event like this... And today it came true. <3

 I guess it was My Prince's support and understanding and encouragement that kept me alive for the toughest some of working instead of colleagues on vacations and writing a degree work at the same time. ^^

We headed home for a coffee and a playing session with my two kitties. :D There's a tradition of drinking champagne when someone gets their diploma, but since I can't drink alcohol, my parents came up with a solution... What that was? Check out my Instagram videos! :P

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