Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I was scared, but that was just a hospital patient

Got freaked out at the pharmacy yesterday. I was choosing *cough and blush* girls' pads, while heard someone breathing heavily behind me!

Even though it's a big supermarket-like store with a security guy at the door - he wasn't there at that moment. Having turned round I saw a weird man: in messy clothes, looking like a drinker or addict, he was breathing loudly and staring kinda into nowhere. I went on looking for the familiar pads' brand when felt he was staring at me. *chills under my skin* Ok, I thought - there's a sales assistant anyway, she will hear me in case he attacks, I will scream as loud as I can... And what if he is waiting for me to come out and then...? Being this terrified I couldn't do anything better than distracting myself with the pads' search. XD

The security guy came out of the other room, handing some bottle to the man and saying something like "forget that, hope it helps!". The man was barely able to reply in a strange voice.

I turned round. The strange-looking man was covering a spot on his neck with his finger. There was some creepy medical device attached there, like a pipe to his throat or something. He was breathing through that, and that's why it was so loud. It was hard for him to talk for the same reason.

"Are you having chemo again?" - asked the security guy. The man nodded and replied something I couldn't understand because of that speech issue.

I felt ashamed for getting scared of and having some subconscious negative thoughts towards a person who is just seriously ill and can't even breathe normally. For thinking that was a criminal, pervert or whatever a girl's mind can make up in the dangerous Ukraine.

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