Saturday, August 24, 2013

In-Dependence Day in Ukraine

22 years of independence from the Soviet Union is celebrated in Ukraine today. Good. So many people wearing traditional "vyshyvanka" embroidered shirts, some even have those antique - made by grannies and great-grannies. I have a gothy black one (isn't this obvious?), but since I'm constantly moving between aunt's, My Prince's and my parents' apartments these days, didn't have a chance to wear it. :(

Wore the shirt for a shoot once, an alt version of Ukranian clothing traditions.
Pic by Allan Karmine

But I'm on the skeptical side about the Day.

People solemnly and proudly congratulate each other, and fake-patriotic beliefs, as the bitchy me calls it, are pouring from all holes in the nasty Ukrainians. POOliticians are talking bullshit on TV and even pretending to be bikers. Just the American Embassy seems to be honest and acts cutely recording a YouTube musical greeting - 15 workers perform a well-known Ukrainian song, and the newly appointed ambassador speaks awesome Ukrainian - much better than "Ukrainians" of the government. All in all, it's just a typical state holiday with a day off on Monday for normal people and just 1 news show for journalists at our office, so that we'll have to come at 13 instead of 11. That's what it's all like here.

I don't remember it when Ukraine became independent. Well, as a dumb baby at that time, I remember being taken out of the car and vomiting - travel sickness since childhood. :D But what has the nation acquired since then?

The cool thing is that speaking Ukrainian is now our right. As well as Ukraine is not just a "sub-country", but a separate country. Though this brings lots of new responsibility the government wasn't ready to take up back then and seems not to be ready (or willing) yet. Another cool thing is that Ukrainian culture has emerged a little bit - yeah, there ARE worthy parts about it. I'm not talking about the mainstream shit our pooliticians export, though.

But we're not independent as a country. CUNTry, I'd often say.

Aside from old "good" dependencies on Russian gas and oil (that I'm personally already sick of since they make BORING news pieces at work), we're taking up their cheap pop music trends, mostly use Russian websites...

Speaking Ukrainian is still a kind of oddity and sometimes it annoys me to hear the generally nice thing about my "splendid Ukrainian language" - because it's how things should be naturally. Not as some special virtue of mine.

Most people don't speak any English and often sneer about foreigners. They say the USA is trying to make us their slaves, and that a Russian dirty word towards them feels better than an American smile. What's wrong with these shallow masochists???

But what fucks me up most of all is not about politics.

We're still dependent on public opinion. On other people's farts into eternity. Shallow-mindedness and traditionalist beliefs make it a great pain in the ass to accept up-to-date things. In technology, fashion, lifestyle, education, motivation and, eventually, the future of Ukraine. The Soviet "what-will-the-neighbors-say" is still around and is unlikely to GTFO in the nearest future. All deals with the EU the government is now talking about will not change a thing about our daily life here.

Because Ukrainians are not independent mentally.
And it's not gonna change any time soon.
If ever.

Me trying to bring an alternative mood to Ukrainian stuff again.
Krayina Mriy Festival 2010, as far as I remember.
A fetish version of this kind of shirt coming soon. Initially meant to be worn with a nipple piercing. :D

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