Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ukraine's traitor or I wanna escape from violence.

Ukraine's almost on the verge of a civil war, I'm afraid.

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And now a statement I'll probably be hated for.

There has always been shit in this country. I started working for foreign companies and achieved that "always-in-the-clouds" mental state to kinda get out of this dull and depressive reality. Offensive people's comments were what got me back to this shit every now and then. I consciously stood aside Ukrainian problems, existed in my own universe and almost didn't care.

Now it's nearly impossible not to give a f**k. It's everywhere, Ukraine's a problem inside and out and through. I'll definitely be called a moron if I say I don't care about what's going on.

But I feel like escaping. From violence. If the problems the country has before were possible to deal with even on my personal tiny level - like building some business ties and persuading foreigners not all Ukrainians are cunnings sluts (not depending on gender)… The problems that are here now are out of my power.

I'm not ready for casualties. For blood, deaths, grief, weapons and violence.

And it's kinda natural that I'm looking for escape from that. Not just for me, but for all I love.


  1. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Head down and eyes open! Be safe!

  2. It's pretty normal, that you want to escape casualties of the civil war. It doesn't make you a traitor in any way.
    But I still hope, that your protestants will find another way to achieve their goal, though the chances seem pretty low -_-