Saturday, February 1, 2014

Work moments: 1st piece in the show

Hands shaking. Kinda in court.
My news piece about the Munich Security Conference was the 1st one in the show. (Which means there's no extra time - while in other cases you still have a tiny gap of the newsreader's text and that 1st piece). 

We had all necessary stuff, except the critically important soundbite of our Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Also, the discussion on Ukraine was to start at 17:00 local time, which is 18:00 here in Kyiv. And the Minister started speaking at about 18:37. Close to the news show beginning at 18:45, isn't it? O___O

O___O - this is what I'm like at the moment. Because the Minister started talking on the topic when our anchorman just sat down on his chair in the studio. The editor said - it' ok, shoot it without the soundbite, just show as much of the minister in the video part, so that it would be clear who the information and statements are about.

Holy shit! The anchorman announced me A LOT in his text! He was all like "And here's M. (my real name), and she's observed everything really close in her news piece". OMG

It's over.
I'm going down to ask the editor if there was a call.
If yes - I'm doomed.

But I'm happy the day is over.

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