Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crimea doesn't hurt

May I be a shallow bitch for a long while?

I hate Crimea already, for giving me extra un-paid work at the job I hate, for taking away my hours of sleep, and for setting everything around (including myself) for a depressive mood.

It doesn't touch any of my feelings. I'm from the West.

For me Crimea has always been an overpriced dirty cheaply-glamorous resort for the post-soviet people who managed to grab money in the 90s. Mansions of poo-liticians and crowded beaches, full of fat aging sweaty bodies and spoiled screaming kids.

Yep, there is beautiful nature. But - pro-Russian people scare me to death, I wouldn't dare going there even in the peaceful times because I'm afraid of being insulted for speaking Ukrainian. Hey people, I am a nationalist terrorist! Fear me, I'm gonna eat your damn babies! >:))))

Crimea is so alien to me, that I feel nothing about it. It's not "dear" enough to fight for. Kyiv was worth that, even though I almost hate it too. But Crimea is too distant from the emotional and national point of view. All in all, they had been screaming "Russia! Russia!" for ages. Here you go, Russia is there! Happy?

The only thing that concerns me is the possibility of Russian invasion further. And again - because of that damn stupid Crimea.

I'm just mad. No other feelings.
I wanna sleep. Fuck Crimea.

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