Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ita Loli as a new type

I suggest making Ita-Loli a separate type of the Lolita fashion. Like other disliked but very nice ones, for ex. Ero-Loli, Guro-Loli etc. True Lolitas in sickly sweet brand clothes, eat me! :P

 As my disgusting TV teacher says, "I will explain".
Back in 2005 when I got to know what Lolita is and when I liked it, I thought it's a fairytale, cute and romantic version of Goth, non-dirty Goth. (I'm talking about Gothic Lolita style now.) A way of being different without being modernly shameless. And I started that fashion where even wearing a short skirt with stockings is NOT sexy and slutty. Think of Kukula's works and characters. Are they something that makes you jump out of trousers? I used to think Lolita is the same.

In TV shows I explain it like this: "When I was younger, I liked sewing clothes for my dolls, and I made them that way because I liked what they looked like. I put them on the doll because I wanted her to look the way I wanted, not "I wanted her to look hot". Same is with myself now even though my appearance is far from a doll's one: I make clothes the way I like them and I put them on because I want to look like that. Not to pick some jerks up. "

Like any other type of fashion, Lolita has changed since 2005. And I wouldn't say it's for the better. Now we have strict rules I often consider stupid, SAME brand dresses with sickly sweet prints, catty bitches who will give their last underpants for a new brand dress and would sigh in disgust when they see "cheap lace, shiny fabric and a Bodyline outfit". They eat newbies so that they don't want to go on with following the style, and also there's a common opinion that it's "not a cheap hobby". That is - it can only be for those who are ready to starve to save for a brand dress. I don't want to be called a Lolita because I don't want to have anything in common with those nasty people.

The offensive definition of "ita-loli" (painful Lolita) is sticked to almost all people who at least try to be creative in their outfits and general images while those who don't care for their bodies and faces but are dressed in brands are mostly appreciated. I don't mean naturally plus-sized people or those with adult faces - certain Lolita styles and outfits look awesome on them. I know it because I suffer from the last mentioned problem myself. T_T

So if anyone who has their own vision of Lolita is called Ita Loli... Why can't it be separated into a branch of Lolita fashion that involves and encourages creativity? I understand that not all tries end in success. But isn't it better to advise about how to make it better than calling a person names and telling them they're bad? How many of you had your first tries ended in 100% success? Personally I've gone through failures. Wanna see my beginnings of goth?
Still I won't dare to post a bigger pic, my makeup is an epic fail here. XD

Now I'm working on a dress that would definitely be called ita. I chose white fabric used for men's shirt, it has a light purple shade. I'm gonna make a "lace monster" with kilometers of non-cotton lace.Why? Because cotton lace is such a pain in the ass to iron! See, what lolita language I am using! But I'd better be a brutal biker than a catty female snob with daddy's or boyfriend's  credit card and an addiction to brands.

And now I am going to say something many true Lolitas will hate me for. I don't like MOST modern brand clothes. A pregnant elephant silhouette, same sickly sweet prints and total orientation towards childish appearances and body types. But I'm sorry, aren't there taller people who understand they'd look funny in all that cutesy stuff?  
I prefer what was shown in the earliest Gothic&Lolita Bibles, lots of lace that looks nice, showing off stockings WITHOUT ANY sexual meaning, dark Mana-style makeup and perfectly pale skin in combination with my REAL hair. I sometimes use extensions, but they are literally a headache so they're for "bad hair days" only. :) 
Here are a few pics of what I still like despite it's not "true":

A rectangle headdress is one of very few that suit me as well. It can be ita, but only when it's badly made and resembles a daily pad with lace. But please don't mix these with plainly decorated nice ones. 

I'm not shameless enough to be goth. Too dark, not catty and rich enough to be lolita. So I prefer being myself. When I have my new dress photographed, I'll label each pic as "It's NOT a Lolita dress, it's a goth dress. So dont worry, I don't call myself one of you."
I'll show you some of my Lolita attempts, of course with a dark shade of Goth. I don't think they are bad even though they break most modern Loli style rules.

Recent Gothic Lolita look, pic by Mad Indigo

Ero-loli at Tori Fest 2008

Gothic Lolita, pic by Katherine A.

Hentai party at Slivki club in DP city, pic by Black Mokona
A try of a my own idea - rocker lolita :) I made it a bit more glamour for that party.
 Lolita fashion used to be the naive and not adult/dirty beautiful fairytale for older people who are tired of the ugly and unfriendly world. Now it seems to have become another unfriendly world concerned about money and being like everyone else. That's sad.

And maybe "the brand fever" is a marketing trick used by brands themselves? For ex. - people affiliated with those companies hang out in the world loli community planting those stupid opinions about what's true and what's not? All those rules look so fake and man-made... Maybe I am not right but this is just an assumption. And if I'm right, the Loli brands will be even a bigger disappointment because I used to consider them something more fairytale-like than the cynical and snobby glamour ones. 


  1. If it doesn't follow the guidelines for lolita, it's not lolita. For example, that "ero loli" picture is just gothic, rather than "gothic lolita".

  2. Actually I don't care. I can even say I hate lolitas, most of them. Dumb rich bitches who made up stupid rules and shake over their precious brands. They often pretend to be ladies being true whores in everyday life.
    Guidelines... Fuck them. And those who are crazy about them.

  3. I think you need to read this

    1. Thank you <3
      Read that long ago, but unfortunately the post looks more like the perfect reality than the current one... Lolitas are mostly rich swag-like girls who often don't even need to work to get all those clothes, and who are as catty as the glamorous ones... I've been personally looked down upon because I earn three times less than those "cool girls", and their manner of talking is often so rude that makes me cringe - even though I'm a journalist and am able to swear like a sailor in guys' companies when this is appropriate.
      As for now, I just don't feel like hanging out with a community that will look for flaws and point them out even if it's just something out of a rule, not really ugly. I'm goth, not a lolita. Now this word even feels like some bad definition. (not related to the book though LOL ))) )

    2. I'm so glad there are people who think like this I recently got clothes from milanoo and the quality wasn't bad but I was scared of being labelled Ita but now I think if someone calls me ita I will just be like yeah well this is who I am and I don't think you're in a position to judge

    3. Im a lolita, but Im close to 30, and now consider myself in the ITA category. Frankly thier stupid rules are a hinderance to creativity, and it didnt start like that. I also feel the same about most being stupid. They are. Im isolated by my age and by the fact they prize brands and stupid shit. T-T Lolita is not about the money, its the heart. If they dont get it, they arent lolita. Thats what real lolita is.

  4. The Lolita community outside of Japan is a total mess. I don't know who these girls think they are, but they're completely missing the point.. Street fashion came about as a way to break out of the mold, after being stuffed in suits and uniforms during the week. These snobby b*tches might as well be sporting Chanel while charging up Daddy's credit card. >;(

    These Lolita communities have taken all of the fun out of it.

  5. i know this post is old and no one won't probably notice it. I've been interested in lolita for a few years now but being poor im trying to save up for lolita clothes. and I actually have a dress, just got a skirt and a petticoat. i also made a bow to fit my dress and I haven't really put them on yet because i was scared of being an ita (also scared of what everyone around me would think). I don't have lolita friends or in the community much either but i googled something about being an ita this morning to make me feels better about wearing my lolita skirt with no more lolita clothes or accessories. I mean, who are they to judge what other people like to wear? I like the lolita style but I don't like how there is so much rules about it.

  6. I went to japan and was called an Ita even though i wasnt trying to be a lolita, i just like cute pretty clothes, after seeing how lolitas are, even in the west i have so much disrespect for them, they are judgmental cows who dont look as nice as they think, i love seeing an "Ita", i love their creativity and they tend to be nicer and look way better

  7. Read it and weep, darling.

    1. Is that your homework, chicken? It's actually the 1st time I see a venom-spewing battlechicken, interesting...
      So much time and emotion invested in shit-showering an online stranger... you must be really bored. A hobby or a job is a solution. :)