Friday, December 24, 2010

The Meow Post

Last Sunday we had a holiday. The day of St. Nicholas is when this saint is believed to leave presents under people's pillows. Having woke up in the morning I noticed a lot of candy near the face - since I don't use a pillow. (not good for face shape) I was about to go to the kitchen to make coffee and enjoy presents from St. Nicholas, but then decided to have a longer nap. A minute after I fell into bed again mum called and said we were going to have guests. I sighed and got angry because I really needed to have a rest. The doorbell rang and I stood frozen in my pyjamas only as dad was opening the door.

Mum walked into the hall with a cute pink basket and we thought she had got ready to searching for a kitty. And then a small grey head poked from under mum's jacket. =^_^=

Now we have an impossibly cute kitten who already likes to sleep on the laptop watching my typing fingers.
"Where bad cats go to pee, it's under my bed..." - this came to my mind when I was listening to London After Midnight and mum said the kitty did what I mentioned before.
It was the same tabby creature because of whom I fell into a bag of nuts yesterday.

Many people might think I've stopped thinking of my Kesha. But they are not right. I remember the dream I had shortly after CookiePaws joined him on the Rainbow. I was in some dark passage when someone said: "Follow the kind cats". I couldn't get what that meant, but a few days ago mum said that she feels like Kesha has sent a blessing from there - that he approved our new kitty. Kind cats - Kesha and Taiska CookiePaws - have sent us a thought it's ok. This is what we should follow.

But my feeling is even more weird... I feel as if I have 2 cats, one is at home and the other ones lives in some other place. And I love both.

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  1. so cute!)))
    happy holidays, dear friend! hope to see you in january!