Tuesday, January 10, 2012

EOS Bubble Grey circle lenses review

Being blind as a bat must be goth as f**k. Firstly, what is gothier than a bat cosplay? Secondly, whatever bad your eyesight is, you'll hardly mess anything black with something other than black. Still, you might get in trouble with shades of black. :D
 To be serious, having a high prescription might be an upsetting obstacle for those who want to wear colored lenses. Crazy Halloween designs usually come without strong vision correction, or without any at all. . What is more, they often look cheap and costumey. At least to me, an old-fashioned ethergoth disgusted by fake-looking things and overdone makeup unless it's visual kei.

I chose EOS Bubble grey lenses and got them from Pinky Paradise.

I've once ordered from this site and was pleasantly surprised with fast delivery - it took about a week to ship a pair of lenses to Ukraine. The package also contained a cute pig-shaped lens case and a hair accessory - things to keep hair away from face while either putting lenses on or just doing makeup.

14.8 mm
BC 8.8 
(even though it says 8.6 at the site, the bottles have BC 8.8 stated on them)

No makeup + flash
No makeup, no flash. Looks like a light shade of natural eye color.
With makeup. I'm doing it wrong. :D
With makeup. Closer to a right version - the lenses look better with a more rounded crease outline.
Enlargement - 3 out of 5.
I can say these lenses do enlarge eyes, but in a different way. They don't give the doll-like stare because there's no black ring to outline the iris. Instead they make it appear both bigger than it really is, and less different from the white part's color. The creepy look is here. :))

Color - 5 out of 5.
It changed the eyes color as much as I wanted it.
Not too fake, just a more ghostly shade of grey. The lenses are barely seen even from rather close distances, people thought that's a natural light color. Probably because my real one is also grey - it slightly shows up in the middle. Might be too obvious for dark eyes - but this feature can be used as an intereting effect. :)

Comfort - 3 out of 5.
Unfortunately these are the least comfortable of the 3 pairs of circle lenses I have.

Not too awful to wear, but the eyes get tired after about 5 hours of wearing, and I don't think I'd put Bubble Grey on to go to work or a night-long party.

It might be because of the 38% water content (while the most comfortable of my lenses, Super Pinky Blue, have 55% and are more than comfortable despite they're 15 mm).

Also the eyes-drying monster might hide in the basic curve. 8.6 is the most versatile one, it goes for most people. 8.8 is for more specified measurements. My eyes might just not fit into them in these lenses. And maybe they're spoiled with a 8.6 BC I've worn for a long time by now.

I used to have usual lenses with 8.8 though, and they didn't make me feel something in the eyes.. I still haven't asked my doctor to examine my eyes in these lenses and tell me whether they fit or not, but I'd better not risk by wearing them for too long.

Overall impression - 4 out of 5.
I never expect colored lenses to be as comfortable as usual ones. I made sure these are ok for wearing to a party/shoot/conference/friends' meetup etc., but not for a crazy day at the office in front of the screen, with getting home after midnight as a consequence.

These are ok to wear to an outing, I love the color and effect, but I still need to figure out what makeup works best with these. It's not the common goth type of face paint as many might have thought. The only thing I'm sure about is that the bottom lashline should be clear starting from the middle.
I think EOS Bubble Grey are perfect for ghostly, ethergoth and guro lolita images.

One sweet day I wore my ghostly eyes to a beauty salon to scare nice people out there. They were not frightened at all,and gave me a coffee to enjoy while waiting. :D Probably a side effect. ^__^

My 12-years-old cousin once told me my eyes look like in the CSI movie. I asked why. He replied: "Whenever they find a corpse, it has the same eyes!" :D

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