Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ex.ua - the opinion of a soft furry goth fool

Ex.ua was the biggest file sharing resource in Ukraine, you could find anything there - from porn to cute cartoons and serious books. It's been shut down by the authorities who claim ex.ua was breaking copyright laws by distributing movies and music users could upload and share.

Ukrainians have split into 2 main groups - as usual. Some take it as a personal tragedy and loss of access to free movies and music, while the other part - mostly musicians and their managers - hate the 1st group and say it's time to start respecting copyrights and give musicians and other talents the money they deserve.

Orchidee the arrogant bitch isn't in any of these groups.

I regret losing such a resourse because it let me watch movies right on the net without downloading. I regret losing a site where I got books for useless classes, being able to read them at home with a cat on my laps instead of getting frozen in a huge and somehow depressing library. But this is a consequence and not the beginning.

A resource like that has reasons to have been so popular among Ukrainians. 

First of all - not all worldwide content-sharing services are available in Ukraine. Or using them is such a pain in the ass that it's better to have no music and no movies.

Secondly - unfortunately most people in this country don't earn enough to afford buying all content legally. It's sad to admit, but most families spend nearly all money on food and clothing. Especially those with kids. Especially those with more kids. It's not an issue to justify piracy, I'm just telling about the current state of Ukrainian economy and it's reflection in lives of mere mortals.Free downloads are the ONLY possible entertainment for many people out here.

What is more - ex.ua was just a fast and convenient service for free file sharing, and it worked with heavy ones. You know, it's sometimes necessary to share something huge as fast as possible - like sending a rock band all pics I've taken at their concert, or receiving a whole shoot from a photographer in order to choose pics for further post-production.

I've used ex.ua a lot and I support those who are furious about it's murder.

Coming to the other side, owned by those who produce copyrighted content - guys, I'd gladly pay you for all awesome things you create.
But not all services are available in Ukraine.
But it's a bit useless for me to buy a CD since I'm always on the run and listen to music in mp3 format. Buying it that way is nice, though all those bank card codes and ERRORS (that often happen with shitty Ukrainian banks) take TIME - sorry, I don't have much of it mostly. Sometimes I remember that I need new music 5 minutes before I jump out of home - there's only time to search and click "download".
But I don't have all possible types of cards and don't trust sms code payments. Again, it takes time. It's a crucial factor for me in most cases.

Some legal and "example-like" services work ass-backwards in a lousy CUNTry like Ukraine. I cannot use AppStore properly because my cards don't work with them. there are 2 ways: either install Jailbreak or: get a gift card, register a fake American account and use the code to buy apps and something on iTunes. I'm also not sure they have archives of ancient stuff that I have on the playlist. Sometimes we're obliged to cheat.

Legal sharing services convenient to use from developed countries aren't ready to be implemented in Ukraine. Or it's Ukraine that is not ready for them yet.

The solution? 
I respect those who understand that the internet is for porn is unlikely to be fully controlled, and who don't find it necessary.

Some musicians - yeah, you know whom I mean, but it's not only them who do this - legally spread their work over the interwebs. AND they make money. Both my live shows and CDs - if the product is good, many people become fans and find it a light version of a fetish to have the physical copy of their fave tracks. Same with movies. I had a friend who collected DVDs with horror films.

Some people provide different options of either payment or content download - like a shorter free download an an extended paid one.

I honestly don't understand the aggressive copyright-holding Ukrainians who spit poison all around because they want to make money on what they make. First of all - make good stuff and you'll find a way to get a reward. Secondly - keep in mind that things made with the purpose of making money aren't sold very well. And give people a right to choose! Some really cannot buy your content for a variety of reasons. Or you want to have fans of a certain social status only?

I don't really give a shit, even though in some meaning I'm a copyright owner too. I feel honored when my stuff is spread - I only hate it when someone claims it to have been created by them. LOL)) But I know ways to get rid of such scammers.

I'm just sick of aggressive Ukrainians who instantly started hating others just because those defend a pirate-content source. They don't want to understand and accept a variety of reasons and conditions. They just want to show their importance. I think it's stupid.

I'm sick. Gonna entertain myself by trying to buy a new Adrian von Ziegler CD.Hope my card will work and delivery will not take ages. :D


  1. Aaah,.. the same situation here in Moscow. Even though usually noone believes that.
    But our torrents survived, even though had to change their domain. But still it's the matter of time, our copyrighters will try to shut them again.

    1. It's the simplest way - one site died, another's been created. :D
      People will anyway go on sharing. In case everything gets under total control - and I heavily doubt it - there might be something like resurrection of interest-based communities that were popular all around the internets before unlimited downloads became widespread and affordable.