Friday, December 2, 2011

The explanation the previous post. I made it from the Slivki club in Dnipropetrovsk where the birthday party of our friend, DJ Marika Rossa, was held.
It is all because of her! <3
I spent the Thursday-to-Friday night at grandparents' place. The train was leaving at 6:59 (what accuracy!) and I'd have to get up at about 4 to get to the railway station, while walking there from where my grandparents live takes 7 minutes. I still needed to finish my outfit, and Granny let me use her sewing machine.

The thing I abstractly call a skirt was ready at almost 3 at night. I jumped up at 5 as soon as I heard "Perfect Skin" by The 69 Eyes - it's what I have as an alarm clock sound. :D
A coffee, and then a shower where I was watched by this lion:
Munya, grandparents', aunt's and cousin's kitty. She looks like a small version of a lion. She's got a HUGE kissable nose :) 
I left home just in time and was happy not to be getting late. Finally. :)

Bought flowers for Marika and continued my way to the railway station in almost total darkness - 5 AM is still night in late autumn Ukraine. And then - DAMN this stupid bump on the road together with my bad eyesight! My platform shoe turned over and I fell down twisting an ankle of one leg and crushing the knee on another one. Great... And how am I supposed to dance? - I thought still laying on the ground.

Getting late caught up with me. I had to run to the railway station where Mokona saw me and we walked to the train together. Marika said they were getting late even more. LOL )) But I was somehow sure they'll get there in time. And wasn't mistaken.

Their company was of 6 : Marika herself, Alexander Galicky, Tasha, her son Tim (later I discovered he's a DJ too, shame on me for not getting to know earlier) and a TV crew: Nadya the director/reporter and Ivan the cameraman. These two were making an episode for a show - about "A day from a DJ's life".
Strange girls from a DJ's life :D
Andy and Eyad were meeting us there. A cute blonde girl was with them, and it's her who later turned into the Catwoman. =^_^= *meow*
This cute kitty DOES scratch! ^^

Andy is the prominent MC who sat down into a basket of eggs last year, and Eyad is the DJ who was also to play at the birthday party. This guy is known for making club music with national Eastern elements.

A part of our company felt like going for a walk around the city while half were falling asleep. I belonged to both sides, but sleepiness won.

We were driven to Eyad's place where had a nice nap until evening.
Quick makeup, a meal at the club - and true makeup time! Here's where a small panic caught me since I discovered I forgot eyelash glue. In a  few minutes I remembered one of Gilberta's tricks and simply drew huge anime-style lashes right on the eyelids. Mokona approved it and I did the same on her. =)
iPad photos from the event, I posted some of them right from there )))
I felt my outfit was too open and the undies were glowing in those club lights. But there was no way back and I decided not to mind it. What is more, I risked flashing boobs when put my hands up. LOL ))) The girls said my costume was "a pornstar from a kids' movie". But Marika was in her undies too! ;)
Three kawaii asses XD
Mokona and I couldn't wait for Eyad to come. Because he knows the Wi-Fi pass!

The 1st thing I did was checking in and adding a few photos along with Skyping a few friends about where we are. :D
Dad calls me "zombie" when I'm hooked up to a device

Since the party was superhero-themed, almost all people were dressed up, and we thought there was a dresscode - even though there hasn't been anything like that officially.Marika later said that it's what she admires about Slivki - that people there are willing to catch up ideas that need some effort.

Posing with the cutie whose birthday was on that day :)
The decorations were also about that - comics wallpapers and pics of different superheroes from movies and... a huge hentai scan. LMAO it made a nice photo background and we made tons of LOL-pics next to it.
Yes I am aware of the kitty checking on my boobs ))) No, there aren't any, I'm sorry ))

Miss Cupcake. I'd eat her! :)
Andy and Orchid were having a rest while Mokona was trying to touch a set of drawn boobs ))
 Talking, drinking and getting used to the place. Laughs and blushes - since I'm not used to flashing my behind so shamelessly. XD 

Alexander Galicky was the 1st of our company who was to play. I went dancing - and since then I only sat down to have a quick chat with Mokona and/or another drink. 
Flying away... 
Marika played after him and, as she writes in her review, she was a bit scared to be the next one. I think she had no reasons for fear since Galicky's been an awesome warm-up, and I wanted MORE!
A splendid set and a cute visual performance

Marika's set didn't disappoint, and I barely set down at that time. Her dancing added up to the whole show, and people - including us - seemed to be in some other world.

The girls later said they were surprised my being able to dance almost non-stop for such a long time. I was about to sit down to make breath get back to its normal frequency while Eyad came to the DJs place. His music never lets me sit still, Marika and Kateryna seemed to think the same way - so we jumped out to the dancefloor again. 
The black kitty scratched my belly and legs while trying to pull the skirt down XD

And then Tasha suggested Kateryna and me to go up on the stage as go-go dancers. We hesitated for a while and evetually climbed up there. Thank you Max, my dancing teacher, for showing all those moves ))) And still it's been a bit tricky and risky to perform them in my explosive clothes. ^^ Looking through the pics I realize it looked a little bit too dirty - even though I didn't mean it to be that way. Oops, I did it again... 

Finally, a drinking break! It was hot just like in Hell up there on stage. But Mokona said we were doing well and it calmed me down.   I excitedly got on Skype - and Vlad was there! I came up with a crazy idea of calling him and showing around! Galicky waved to him, then Mokona joined, I caught Marika too and even showed him the hentai on the wall :D
Now I was even happier - seeing Vlad online always makes me smile, and seeing him via webcam is even better. :) As if he's been there with us - and I hope this will happen IRL one day. *____*

The party was over at 5 and the train was leaving at 6. Mokona and I were lucky to have our things with us, but Marika, Alexander, Tasha and Tim had to gather their stuff from different apartments. They kept the tickets as well and were getting late for the train. Mokona and I had to wait near the train - and here they go!

Marika is running in her undies and with several bouquets, Galicky and Tim are carrying bags while Tasha is  guiding all of them.

Finally all of us got on the train and fell asleep until the arrival hour. 

You think our adventure ended in such a traditional way? Of course no!

Mokona suggested going somewhere to eat - and all my remains of sleepiness vanished. We found a sushi place and stayed there chatting, using their Wi-Fi and sharing impressions. We did it again. Another autumn adventure of the two of us, the 2nd one this year - and there's gonna be more! Am I right?

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