Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Gentle Poison. Part 2" by Monolit is there!

Due to laptop trouble I'm listening it from my cell phone at the moment. ^^

You can download the single here following these steps, I'm now re-posting the images from an older entry:

3 totally different tracks and the voice that makes me blush and have that weird feeling on the skin. *___*
I'm no big musical criticist, analyst and even fan, but I'll try to make up a short opinion/impression about each track.

The 1st one is an electro/dubstep version of the "Laskovyi Yad" ("Gentle Poison") song from the 1st part of the single. I think Adora might like this one. ;)
It's STRANGE. Something I never expected to hear from Monolit, a bunch of suicidally (for me) cute long-haired stylish rockers. ^__^
A nice surprise though - because I'm into electro music too, and tracks of this genre shamelessly neighbor rock and metal and acid and j-pop on my current playlist. :D

Track 2 is a symphonic version of "Pobezhdai ili Umri" ("Win or Die") from the 1st part of the single. Monolit + a dash of Adrian von Ziegler - I thought having listened to the song to the end. Not totally different from the version I've heard before, but with a different mood. What is more, it's one of my absolute faves from the whole single, so - it's a win, not a death. ^^

Last but not least, there's a song the guys dedicated to their friends among bikers. This one even has an English name - "Biker's Song", but the text is in Russian. Finally, something in the traditions of Western rock and not Russian rock! (I respect both, but more into Western rock, nothing political here :))) ) I've recently started to fear that the guys don't have worldwide classics as an example anymore, but my fears turned out to be nothing else than a drunk party of bugs in my mind. ^__~

In general - I like this part even more than the 1st one. I guess it's because it's less romantic. I sound weird now, I know. But since I'm currently resisting all romantic moods, I support this state of mind with appropriate music. "Laskovyi Yad. Part 2" corresponds with these needs and therefore goes to my everyday playlist.

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P.S. I'm aware of a popular opinion about my approval of everything the Monolit guys do - some people love saying I'm promoting them either because I'm a friend, someone's whore or just a bought journalist. None of these versions is true.
I do support them because they're my friends, I do it to all friends of mine. I partly like them because it is so, and I am able to forgive small flaws all people have. I just ALWAYS mind the good sides only, and I think it's only them that are worth public discussion. I can criticize the guys' work, of course. If I feel like this, I'll do it in person and with a smile. :)

Hope you'll like them as much as I do. :D

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