Friday, December 17, 2010

The smiling dog

I didn't wake this dog up, I didn't mean it in the title of the journal. :)

I meet The Smiling Dog every day on my way from work.

I first saw it in the subway. A big stray dog with shiny fur lay near some man's feet (the man was buying something at a booth). The animal had hanging ears, closed eyes and... a smile on the face. That time I thought it's the man's pet.
On the next day I was passing by that booth again and saw the Dog. He was going along the subway looking like a very busy dog. His ears were hanging as they usually do when the cutie doesn't turn on all its listening facilities. And it still had that kind smile. I thought I should stroke the cutie next time we meet. I told mum and she was against it telling me a dog is an unpredictable creature and might bite any time it wants. But can such a kind-faced animal bite? I don't think so. I'd love to kiss The Smiling Dog on the nose. Maybe one day I will do it.
I've been to the office in the morning today, so in the evening I headed home. The same subway - and yes, the same Smiling Dog! Shiny fur, kind eyes, white snowflakes over the fur (I wish I had my camera that minute...) and the smile again! I think that doggy never stops smiling.
Next time I see it, I will try to stroke it. The Smiling Dog is just too cute to resist.

Meeting him brings me the thought that not the whole world consists of disgusting creatures called people. The animal's smile reminds me there's something only them and those who love animals know and understand. :)

I will try to take a pic next week. ^__~

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