Saturday, December 11, 2010

"No wonder your cousin didn't like a big hairy guy."

Written on the 5th of December, really didn't have time to edit the text and pics.

The headline is what a friend just told me. I can't stop laughing *ROTFLSTC*
Oops, the post was not going to be about this...

First of all - thanks for all greetings, posts, calls, messages etc. It was very nice to feel that there are people who still remember me. I'm in the age when a b-day is a sad day. Remarkable dates feel like nails into the coffin I'm already in, and each year makes a fairytale less and less possible.

Sunday is a working day if you have a "professional" hobby. There was the Iron Maiden Cover Party, and of course my guys were playing there. What is more, the music by Iron Maiden is strongly associated with vacation. Vacation is not about being old, and it was another reason to attend. I've been a photo reporter again, I'll add pics as soon as I edit them. This time the report will be something different than what you have already seen. I just wanted it this way.

I had my contacts mysteriously thrown away by some fuckin curious person. This is why I had to wear the  dark blue ones, some people even thought I have black eyes. XDD

What impressed me at the club were the polite guys from security service. As soon as Kostya from Monolit told them I'm "their journalist", they didn't make any problems of letting me in, and no one was digging anything out of my coffin-shaped handbag. :)

The small room with a balcony and stairs... Good... I thought this and saw no mosh near the stage - I came as close as possible and started taking pics trying to get used to the light. I climbed up the stairs and found a new interesting angle.

All bands seemed to be something united, as if that was a single one with a lot of changing members. I think it was because of performing songs of Iron Maiden only, and this kept my thoughts in a right direction. :)
The first band had a nice vocalist whose face I was trying to capture from behind a microphone. I liked that he was speaking Ukrainian by the way.

I should say that I didn't stay there for the whole party, I came only to listen to Monolit and to give them a CD with the video of their previous show. The next band attracted my photo journalist's eyes with a cute guitarist who was mostly hiding behind his long hair. And their drummer looked like a naked baby. ^__^ This band managed to make the audience move their asses from everywhere they settled those, a mosh started near the stage. Thanks God I was already on top of the stairs. But the vocalist's English pronunciation made my ears fold like dried leaves. He said he had been ill for a week and that his voice might be bad at times. But I liked it even when it could be heard he is not ok. I'd say that it added something new and curious to the well-known songs. I've always welcomed freaky but nice-looking/sounding things.

It was very hot in the room and I felt my makeup was moving. O_o Btw I was the only Gothic Lolita there. Strange, isn't it? ^^

I noticed a nice girl in the hall. I don't know why, but I stared at her even though I didn't know her. Thought she looks interesting. Then something distracted me and I became busy with this something, when that girl came to me introducing herself as Aranrut, the photographer who we talked with nicely a few days ago. There are people who create a sweet mood just by being around. I met one more person like this and I'm happy about it. ^__~

My guys were running behind me here and there reminding me they are the next performers. I asked Kostya to smile at me from the stage, and as you will see - he did it.

No need to tell about the reaction of people when they hear the name of the "Monolit" band. It's simply uninteresting and would make my review look biased. But please remember that it's not a classic review of an independent reporter (like I make for MetalRules). This time it's a personal impression from a show of a band I am friends with.

It started from Iron Maiden, changed to their own songs from the new album, and went to Iron Maiden again. "Naprolom", "Glory to Ukraine" with taking the flag of Ukraine on the stage - I guess it's hard to imagine a show by "Monolit" without them playing these songs. And of course there was the "dirty one" about the guy who plays the guitar in an awesome outfit. :P

I thought Kostya was going to jump into the crowd again, like many guys did at this party, but he didn't do it this time. He did something different...

The guys said that "their friend had his, they mean - her b-day yesterday", and they congratulated me from the stage!!!!!!! I never expected such a nice surprise, it's been a great honor for me and I'll remember it forever. Guys, thank you again, I still can't believe it happened to me! :)

"Hallowed Be Thy Name" - it's not only that I mostly make mistakes in the name of this song. It's one of the strongest reminders of the good times, and one of the most powerful ass-kickers to take everything in my own claws. A fave song + one of fave bands. Should I (and can I) explain what it is like?

Kostya's English pronunciation has become noticeably better since the last time I heard him singing something of Iron Maiden. He said he has been practicing and I hope he'll do even better with time. Of course it wasn't like the pronunciation of a native English speaker, but it's something even I cannot achieve after learning and speaking English for more than 10 years.
I'd help if I can be useful in this way of learning English. I've worked as a teacher for some time, but English for a singer is something different from what I used to teach long ago.

Fly, the drummer, has quit smoking! This time both of us were choking in the room. XD I'm not the only one now! I have one more version of why he has this nickname: it's almost impossible to take a pic of him, he moves so fast... And still I managed to capture a moment of...

Going home with Max, one of the guitarists, revealed some new sides of his personality. I like meeting curious people :)) Added him and Paul, the bass guitarist, on Facebook. And discovered there is a band's page on FB.

Check them out at their official site and MySpace

I received a call from Kot'ka, the cool photographer, the author of my shoot with Gilbert you can find at my "official" Facebook. Yes, we are working together tomorrow. (see next post - comment added on the 12th of December.)

Work, shoot, classes (*gets two fingers in her mouth making a disgusted face*) and helping Granny and aunt with some sewing. A Monday.

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