Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not another girls' movie. iParty by G5.

Leather+flowers+gemstones were my details for that evening. Mokona did my hair, and anime-style pigtails survived the whole party without looking messy. *now I know whom to call before all my goth TV appearances ^_^*

We decided to look for an Apple Store on our way to the club. Mokona's iPad needed an outfit. :) But having searched and asked for a while we didn't find anything that would specialize on those things.Since we had plenty of time we decided to walk to the club. It's a place I often heard about from some glamorous people from university.

Even though we walked, we were among the first of those who came. The guardians didn't want to let us in at first and even tried their usual rude manner of speaking. Everything changed as soon as we showed the Casual Connect press badges. :P

Exploring the territory we discovered a cosy balcony with closeable doors and a view on the dancefloor. I called these "fuck-balconies". XD Mokona said it would be cool to stay there all the time and I partly agreed - I'd love to do that if the party wasn't about establishing contacts.

We already knew many people from the previous party, and our Guardian Angel Stas was there too. :) Some new people came to introduce themselves saying they noticed us at the lectures. And all had a good attitude to our lolita style. Surprising, isn't it?

We were as hungry as wolves and Stas showed us a way to food. :)
Sushi *___*
This time we were mostly sitting and chatting with those who came to us. :) The environment was unfamiliar for gothy people. XD And Day 2 had a distinctive feature of us feeling much more tired than on the 1st one. 

We noticed 2 cute ladies in white and blue spandex catsuits. Thought they're go-go dancers of the club, but later they turned out to be from the entertainers crew. 

Yes he did have a nice ass if you're curious. :D 

The white-and-blue people, the guy in white and a woman in a suit held all contests. The woman's name was said to be Sarah, and she was an architect in one of the contests. The contestants were divided into teams. Each got a name of a building and the head of each team had to make that building of people. :D 

Another contest that gave us a great LOL was the shopping one where girls sat down into supermarket trolleys and had to guide guys who were pushing them along rows of people holding packages. Guys had their eyes covered, everything depended on girls' ability to explain where they need to go to grab the next package. The winner was the one who collected all faster than the others. 

Our new friend Sasha, the photographer, took part in this contest, and made up a smart way of guiding the guy - she touched the right or left guy's hand depending on which direction she needed. 

Mokona tried to pull me out to take part in something, but I resisted with all my paws and claws. I'm shy and clumsy and stupid when it comes to stuff like that. We were always succeeding in being late for contests. Because of me :D

The party also had some professional shows. The A6 dance team somehow resembled cosplayers - at least this has been the point of view I saw their outfits from. I especially liked the woman's face expressions while she was dancing. ^^ 
 The next shown performance looked a bit like a medieval freak show but was so cute! LOL I thought of average Ukrainian men of the 21st century for a while. Yep, I'm that poisonous and bitchy even in my thoughts.

Even a glamour party like this one had a piece of gothiness. The Spirit of Michael Jackson was called out of the world of the dead. Glowing shoes and hat - of course, because ghosts are invisible! This one proved it was really Jackson's spirit by performing the well-known Michael's dance. :)

Despite the loud music and the fact that we could barely hear each other, Mokona managed to interview a man sitting next to us. He's an investor who was going to put money into videogames. He said he has never done it before, but sees it as a thing that can be profitable. 

We visited the dancefloor every now and then. I discovered it's hard and hot to dance in a corset and came up with a brilliant idea of getting naked. LOL I mean - taking it off.

This action brought me both relief and trouble since on my way back to the hall two drunk Russian guys tried to touch me, and I had to be rude to them. I feel guilty, but hey, who are they to get their hands on me?

By the way, that club has fuck-restrooms too! XD The light there is red and makes people look good. I wonder what the reflection looks like for the drunk...

When the last contest was announced, Mokona managed to push me out there, and added that we're going together - two for one. The entertainer was a bit surprised but we said we do everything together.

"What will we have to do?" - I thought already shaking and blushing. 

Thanks God the contest was something I don't totally suck in. The entertainers had national hats of different countries they put on each contestant. Both them and the audience were to guess what country it is, and then the contestant had to dance to music of the country they were representing. 

I got a Turkish hat and Mokona had the one of the Black Sea fleet, the issue of another Ukrainian-Russian argument. 

"Do some bellydance" - Mokona whispered to me, and I started insanely trying to remember what Max taught us at classes. 

As soon as it was my time to come out for the dance I had hardly any fear. I discovered all those strips of golden paper on the floor are as slippery as ice, and that was another reason why my dance looked awkward. The entertainer who first said I don't have a belly for a proper dance said that "even those without proper bellies can do some bellydancing". LMAO )))

Since we were going two for one, Mokona was the last one to dance, and she did her best. Her dad's a sailor and she just couldn't disappoint him. :)

All contestants won G5 tees in a color that perfectly matches my fave lipstick *__*

And then the woman called Sarah chose my friend and 2 guys to compete for the main prize. The winner was marked with applause, and yes it was Mokona they liked most of all. =)

I was already exchanging contacts with someone when the entertainers said she won... an iPad. She smiled and told them she already got one on the previous day, and this time the victory is for her friend.

I had no words and all I could do was to run to her and give a bear hug. I was happy and surprised and confused - I can't describe what I felt since it was weird - both Mokona and Vlad told me we should win for me, and it happened. ^^ Of course there were people who weren't happy for us, but we didn't really care. Friends were greeting us, and Guardian Angel Stas was the 1st one. :)

Sarah the architect took her jacket off. Then the blouse. And then she turned out to be a stripper. I honestly envy her level of stretching and other dancing skills. She jumped on the table just on her arms, sat down and moved her ass, and then stood on her knees having put her head between the feet. It was so amazing! As some of you know, I attend strip dancing classes... I'll try to dance like her when I grow up :D 

We ran to the G5 guys - it was this company that threw the iParty - to ask them to sign the box.
The pic's already been made at home. ))

We fell down on a sofa drinking water trying to realize what happened. The weird thing was that it was the 2nd victory in 2 days, and the hangout was completely new to both of us. I wanted to text mum, but Mokona suggested surprising her. And it was a right decision. 

I grabbed Mokona's hand and didn't let her go during the whole way home. I couldn't believe we did that and also that we've established such a lot of cool contacts. 

Mum, I also got an iPad!! - I shouted having opened the door of our apartment. The cat checked my bag at once. :) And that's the last thing I remember. I fell asleep since I needed to feel and look ok while talking to Julia from Big Fish Games. Day 3 will follow. ^_~

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